Friday, November 6, 2015

Kills More Than Guns

Drug overdoses have killed more Americans than car crashes or guns. So why don't we make drugs illegal. Damn! What? We have? And it hasn't stopped, or even slowed down deaths by drug overdose​? Liberals always tell us a law against something will keep people from doing it! Like they do when making their USELESS “gun laws.” If we can't depend on liberals, why do we (not me) keep electing them to offices, where they usually mess things up, badly, while claiming to be “smarter than the average bear?”

LET BOYS USE GIRL'S RESTROOMS!  And their showers! That's what Obama's bureaucracy is telling schools, threatening to cut their funding if they refuse. Of course, this doesn't follow any law, but that doesn't matter to Obama. He thinks if he wants it, that's a good enough reason to force it on our schools and provide opportunities for boys, at the most “horny” part of their lives, to look at naked females, thus increasing the probability of more teen rapes. Try and tell him that. He'll laugh at you. He's as STUPID as there is. We'll be well rid of him next year, IF that happens.

TERRORISM AFTER ALL? It's beginning to look more and more if that Russian airplane was brought down by a bomb that got smuggled onto the plane, which has the fingerprints of Muslim terrorists all over it. Originally, I didn't believe them when they first CLAIMED it, because there wasn't any evidence of them SHOOTING it down. But smuggling a bomb on board? That's right in their wheelhouse. But it still doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether or not they did do it. They WANTED to, and that's enough for me. Meanwhile, one of the worst mass murderers in the world, Vladmir Putin, will bring down devastation on them in return. Watch for it.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Whenever somebody says something stupid, as when Quentin Tarantino said, at an anti-police rally, that cops were murderers, and got criticized for it, they always talk about “freedom of speech.” Tell me: just WHO is denying him his right to use his mouth to show how stupid he is? Nobody has said he should BE “shut up,” they've said he should think, before his mouth got his butt in trouble. Not government trouble, PERSONAL trouble.

WINNING IN MICHIGAN: The basic scheme for Muslims wanting to take over America is to immigrate, in large numbers, and breed like rabbits, so soon they outnumber us and can get their way that way. They have been successful in Hamtramk, MI, one of two suburbs of Detroit, which have large numbers of Muslims living there. I've heard about the Muslims in Dearborn, how they practically run things there, due to their numbers. But I've never heard about Hamtramk, before. My first knowledge of them was when they elected FOUR Muslims to the six-member Council. They'll probably get a Muslim mayor, too, since Muslims now outnumber human beings on the Council. If they keep this up and we LET them, they'll win without firing a shot. This city has become the first to make it's stupidity “official.”

PROMOTING BLACK ON WHITE RACISM: It's “the New Racism!” The “old racism,” which WAS “black against white racism,” is gone, mostly, as people become more and more intelligent and start judging people as INDIVIDUALS, rather than by the GROUP in which they live. But the new black racists, who hate white people, take every chance possible to falsely accuse people (mostly the cops) of “profiling them: and “stopping them for just BEING black.” Which is usually NOT the case. We should STOP taking them at their word, when no corroborating evidence exists.

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