Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Tired of First Amendment"

That's what a student demonstrator at Mizzou says. But who gives a damn what this obscure student, who has NO idea how the world works, thinks? We pay a high price for those schools to teach such ignorance to these kids, and this is what we get. .Considering that universities no longer teach kids anything important, but merely fill their heads with goo, they no longer need a college education to warp their minds. They're nothing but “conditioning mills” today.

DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED: I don't know what happened to Saturday's post. I posted it, but it disappeared. I apologize 

IMPUGNING MY INTEGRITY”: That's what Hillary said about Bernie Sanders talking about her big Wall Street campaign contributions. Funny she should be “offended” by that, when her “integrity” is in such shreds, anyway. She has no integrity left. I think her “being offended” is as phony as is everything else about her. She will be a perfect Democrat nominee, and will be easily “stuffed in the toilet” by whomever the Republicans finally nominate.

ISIS IS NOT EVIL!” Democrat Dan Kimmel, a candidate for Minnesota State Representative is a candidate, no more. He was forced to withdraw after he Tweeted that ISIS was “not evil,” but was just a bunch of people doing what they thought was best for their community.” Never mind they rape children and adults, behead same, and mostly attack defenseless CIVILIANS, who can't fight back. What a FOOL this guy is. But then, I expect that of Democrats.

GET A GUN, NOW! Legally, if you can, illegally if you can't. You'll need it to stay alive when the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing in the guise of “refugees” get here. He's even paying their way here so they can kill as many of us as possible, as they did in Paris the other day. Those killers WERE “refugees.” They're in the middle of an “invasion” into many countries, including ours, sponsored by dupes or "fellow travelers" like Obama. You'll need as many guns, AND ammunition, as you can beg, borrow, or steal so when they try the same thing here they did in Paris, you'll be ready to kill them before they can kill a bunch of people, maybe including you.

MIZZOU WAS ALL PHONY: The demonstrations in Missouri were caused by PHONY occurrences. They were made up to inflame people, and they worked well to some degree. But the point is, the whole thing was started by FALSE claims. That's how liberals usually get things started. When something real doesn't happen, they make something up. When their scam is discovered, the damage is usually done and they're gone..

OBAMA RELEASES MORE PRISONERS: He's stopped even announcing when he releases prisoners from GITMO. So the terrorists have five more fighters as soon as they can get where they're needed. The more he releases, the more killers they have to use against us. And they WILL use them. Count on it. They'll probably become “refugees.” They're probably laughing up their sleeves at those “stupid Americans" who let them go without even getting anything in return.

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