Thursday, November 5, 2015

They Don't Like It!

So we shouldn't be allowed to DO it, according to liberals. If WE don't like it, we just don't DO it. They can do what they want. But that's not the way the liberal mind works. They think if they don't like something, it should be BANNED. And they do all kinds of stupid things to stop us from doing it. They don't like the idea of presidential candidate Donald Trump being on “Saturday Night Live,” so they want do everything they can to prevent it. But if one of their icons were to be scheduled to appear there and WE objected, they'd call us “intolerant,” or “racist” (everything is either intolerant or racist to them).

LIMBAUGH AS MODERATOR?” It'll never happen that Rush Limbaugh will EVER be appointed as a moderator of DEMOCRAT debate. He frightens them so much they wet their pants or panties at the very thought. Most of them are afraid to even be INTERVIEWED on Fox, because they can't depend on Fox to give them only “softball questions” and maintain their lies as their leftist friends do They know that the Republicans are “closing in” on them, and that frightens them, even more. They successfully “got rid of” Sarah Palin a long time ago, and they're trying their best to do it to Donald Trump and Doctor Carson, now.

OBAMA RIDICULES GOP: He says that if they “can't handle a few moderators,” China and Russia won't be too worried. What he fails to say (of course) is that their questions were NOT “hard questions,” they were NONSENSE questions, designed to get them arguing amongst themselves. Instead, they “came down hard” on the moderators and DESTROYED them. As is usual with liberals, they thought they had won. To INTELLIGENT people, they were the absolute LOSERS in this debate.

OBAMA'S “LEGACY”: Under Obama, the /democrats LOST 900 PLUS state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 senate seats. He counts this as “progress,” which graphically illustrates his ignorance and incompetence. Electing this fool was the biggest mistake in memory. Re-electing him was STUPIDITY. He did enough damage in his first term that should have told us how incompetent he is. He was either elected by people who “pay no attention to politics,” thus knowing nothing, or by STEALING both elections—which Democrats are KNOWN to do, regularly. So much so that stealing elections is what they're good at.

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Recently, the Daily Caller News foundation (DCNF) tried to gain entrance to the National Archives to research something that had nothing to do with the maintenance of precious documents by the federal government, and were repulsed by the usual bureaucratic foot-dragging. We've also been trying to get into the National Mint to find out of there's any gold left, or if it has been LOOTED, again to no avail. These places, and everything in them are OUR PROPERTY, and should be open to inspection, always. What are they HIDING?

IDIOCY UNDER LIBERALISM: Now it's come to a father and son “marriage.”  Soon it will be a man and his DOG. They say they have BEEN “married” in every sense of the word for years, and now want to make it “official.” I assume that means they have been having sex together too, since that's a part of “marriage.” Which, to liberal;s, means they should be allowed to “make it official.” Elsewhere. Men “identify” as women, and want to pee beside a woman in a woman's restroom and shower beside them in their shower rooms.. I can't think of a better way to see naked women, up close and personal if they wouldn't look at you otherwise. Other idiocies are too numerous to detail here.

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