Monday, November 23, 2015

"No Negotiations"

There can be NO negotiations with Islamic terrorists. They want one thing: for ALL people to become Muslim while they “rule the world.” They will accept nothing less. They may PRETEND to negotiate at times, but when they do, it's only to “buy time” for moving troops into position or for conditions to be right for an attack. They will never keep any “agreements” reached, for long. Just long enough to gain their objectives.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WINNING” Why? Because Obama won't LET us do what is necessary to win. And other liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton, likewise. Obama PRETENDS to be fighting the Islamic terrorists, but most of his “attacks” are ineffectual. Like the one where he supposedly killed that bloody murderer who beheaded people. His drones attacked a place less than a mile from a KNOWN large ISIS headquarters. Meanwhile, he does all he can to HELP them succeed.

OBAMA IGNORING COURTS: As usual. The courts have decreed that his “amnesty” for illegal aliens is unconstitutional, but he's going ahead with his executive actions that “protect” 80% of illegal aliens from deportation, while “sanctuary cities” protect them from the law for their illegal acts, including murder. Obama is the worst lawbreaker in the country, and should be in PRISON, not in the Oval Office.

NOT QUALIFIED NOW: Rush Limbaugh says he thinks Ben Carson is “not qualified to be president now,” and the liberal media is going to make the most of it, ignoring the fact that the last TWO presidents were “not qualified” when they were elected, and Bush didn't do all that bad a job, no matter what liberals say. Obama proves every day he is not qualified, and never will be. So it''s a good thing he doesn't have much time left, although the time he DOES have left is enough time for him to screw things up, royally. And you can bet he'll do everything he can to SCREW things up to make it difficult for the next president, if he's a Republican—which I hope he (or she) is.

GET OUT OF THE WAY”: Hillary says there are “things we could do if the Republicans would just get out of the way.” Yeah, right! She wishes. The reason they “get in the way” is so you CAN'T do the things you “could do if they'd get out of the way.” That's their only purpose IS to “get in your way.” That's because the things you want to do are inimical to the interests of the majority of Americans. She just doesn't understand that. She just doesn't understand why they oppose Obamacare, which she is determined tom protect. Maybe it's because it's pure socialism, and we don't want any part of that. We don't WANT what she wants. But she'll never understand that.

POLITICO: KING OF LIES: This is the second time lately that Politico has LIED about a Republican candidate. Hard on the heels of their previous lie, they now claim that Ben Carson ADMITTED that he lied about his “West Point scholarship.” Only problem is, that's completely made up. IT is a lie. Politico is becoming KNOWN for lying about Republican candidates.. It's something they're not too happy about, but it is what it is. Soon, nobody's going to believe ANYTHING they “report.” Then they might as well “shut down.”

THEY WORK FOR ISIS, DON'T THEY? Maybe they are “civilians.” But the driver of the oil tankers for ISIS know for whom they work, and are helping ISIS in their efforts to subjugate as much of the world as possible. In any case, all ISIS members ARE civilians. Their trucks need to be “blown to hell.” with them in them, if necessary. We can't not blow them up because they're “civilians.” How many civilians died when we bombed Dresden in WWII?

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