Saturday, November 7, 2015

Why We're Losing

Why are we losing against the Islamic terrorists? It's certainly not because they're such good fighters. It's because they're better con artists, who have convinced much of the world not to fight them, and Obama, for one, has :"bought it.” He won't even say the words, “Islamic terrorism!” He PRETENDS to fight them, even putting “boots on the ground” in Syria—50 of them. Not enough to make a PIFFLE of difference there, but enough to get them killed. Meanwhile the Islamic terrorists in Syria move their troops in, hundreds of vehicles (each filled with shooters), unimpeded.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST, PART XVIII: Gloria Steinem says anybody who criticizes Planned Parenthood's killing of babies (mostly black babies) is racist. Of COURSE they are! They're concerned that her friends are killing so many babies it has become our Holocaust, and people like Steinem make it possible. How it's racism when we're concerned about white people killing mostly black babies, I don't know. But then with Steinem's muddled liberal thinking, she doesn't need logic. And Rush was right. She IS ugly!

FOUL-MOUTHED BRATS: Hillary and the Democrats think using a bunch of foul-mouth brats in an ad against Trump will help their cause. That this shows graphically tha their INCOMPETENCE is obvious. Television can't even run the ad without bleeping out their filthy words. That they want us to elect people with as little common sense as they have is ludicrous. But being ludicrous is part of their BEING.

TYPICAL LIBERAL: Bernie Sanders talks down on Uber, saying they shouldn't be in business. But who does call when he needs a ride? Uber, of course! I wish I could say this was unusual for a liberal politician (and some conservatives, too), but it isn't. What about one of the worst anti-gun fools in the Senate, Diane Feinstein? She wants to take away the right to self defense for us, but she has a “carry permit” and carries her own gun. That's besides her phalanx of armed “security” men. Most politicians don't actually CARRY their own guns, but a lot of them walk around behind a WALL of “security men” while whining about taking our guns away from us.

FLAILING AGAINST REALITY: Egyptian officials are still telling us they have no conclusions as to the CAUSE of that Russian airline disaster. At the same time, even an old man at home sitting in front of his computer can tell it was a bomb smuggled on board, by SOMEBODY. Islamic terrorists say THEY did it. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. But they WANTED to, and they want us to THINK they did it, even if they didn't. To me, that's enough for a massive retaliation to wipe them out, to a man. Somebody needs to smuggle a bomb into their planning tent.

PROMOTING THE LIE, HARD! Global Warming religion acolytes are working HARD to get SOMEBODY to believe their horse manure about the environment. They'll tell you that ANYTHING is caused by global warming (whatever name they're using now). Next it will be psoriasis they blame. Something NOBODY has been able to find out the causes for in 200 years of study. Now they're saying global warming causes sex problems, because it's just getting too hot for sex. Their minds are really fanciful, as well as ignorant, if they think ANYBODY with intelligence believes their crap. Sex is a “sweaty business,” and more sweat isn't going to change things.

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