Thursday, November 12, 2015

Liberal Bias Exposed

Hanover College, in Hanover, NH, is BANNING Donald Trump from speaking there. Meanwhile, the “welcome mat” is out for Hillary, the future felon trying to run for president to stay out of jail. If that doesn't illustrate the bias in an organization that is supposed to be at least neutral, I don't know what will. But neutrality in politics in New Hampshire IS being “in the pocket” for the Democrat, criminal or not.

CARSON MAKES A GOOD POINT: He takes the media to task for not “vetting” Hillary OR Obama. Obama has taken drastic steps to make SURE we never get an accurate picture of his past, outside of what HE tells us. Hillary has also tried to keep knowledge about her past a secret, and the liberal media has refrained from asking her ANY “hard questions” about it. She thinks the “alternative media” is mean for pursuing it.

BLAMING THE VICTIM: It's a Democrat thing. It's a “cultural thing” with them. CNN liberal political analyst Jeffery Toobin actually tried to blame Ambassador Stevens for his own death at the hands of the Islamic terrorists, little-known video notwithstanding. How STUPID is that? And this fool is holding down a well-paid job with CNN. I guess stupidity is a requirement for that job, as it is with other jobs in DC.

HILLARY NOW UNDER FELONY INVESTIGATION: What Hillary is now facing is not to give her a “hand slap” for ignoring her solemn agreement to “protect” government secrets. It has now taken on a much more serious note, as the FBI “investigation” is now a FELONY investigation. She could actually end up in PRISON for LYING to Congress, under oath. That's quite a comedown from assured Democrat nominee for president, to “prisoner number ….”

TEA PARTY “ON LIFE SUPPORT?” Liberals fervently wish that were so, so they're spreading the lie that they are, hoping it will come true through repetition. That's how they work. They ignore the fact that the Tea Partiers have had stupendous success in the last two elections, unseating many liberal-leaning electees. That now the Republicans hold BOTH HOUSES of Congress and most likely will take control of the White House in the next election. Tea Party “on life support?” Gimme a break!

OBAMA'S LIES: Anybody who takes Barack Obama at his word for ANYTHING is a fool. Everything that tumbles out of his mouth is a lie. Unless he's telling us how he's going to further limit our rights and steal our money and property. When he talks about gun control, his "facts" are blatant lies. What IS true in what he says is "cherry picked" for maximum effect. Everything that falls out of his mouth is horse manure. You know what makes of his mouth.

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