Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama's Not In Charge

Not in France. And that's a “good thing,” since he continues to COVER for the Islamic terrorists (Syrian “refugees” all) who did it. He calls those who insist they ARE Islamic terrorists “bigots,” which tells me how much of a bigot HE is. And a damned fool at the same time. It's a good thing he's not in charge in France. They stiffened their spines, and there's nothing he can do about it, except to belittle them.

OBAMA IS A DAMNED FOOL! But then, we already knew that. Now he's “doubling down” on being a fool. He is taking those to task, who criticize him for not “vetting” Islamic terrorists posing as Syrian “refugees” before allowing them into the country, saying they are “shameful.” Apparently he is completely unable to see reason and logic. We need to get rid of this fool as soon as possible, before he allows more Islamic terrorists into the country so they can kill us. It is OBAMA who is “shameful.”

MOTHER'S DELUSION: The mother of one of the Islamic terrorists who killed more than 150 (some sat 129) innocent, unarmed civilians in Paris says her son “didn't want to kill anybody.” That's a typical mother's delusion. “My baby boy wouldn't kill anybody.” But the fact remains he was wearing a suicide vest that he detonated next to some innocent people. For someone who didn't want to kill anybody, he did a pretty good job of killing somebody.

OBAMA IS “TONE DEAF”: When it comes to Islamic terrorists. He will not even USE the TERM “Islamic terrorists.” One time he was heard to say ISIS wasn't even MUSLIM! The Muslims that make up ISIS must be so surprised to find out they're not Muslims! How many different ways can Obama ignore the danger represented by these people who behead innocent CHILDREN as well as adults? Who are spreading like a cancer over the Middle East because nobody seems to be effectively fighting them? (Until they downed that Russian airliner and killed more than 150 innocents in Paris, that is). Now Russia and France are decimating their ranks.

WHY STILL THERE? Reports are that the French have destroyed a major ISIS installation. Okay! That's a good thing. But it raises a question: why was that installation still there, if we knew about it? We've been bombing ISIS for a long time. We have more and bigger bombs than anybody else, and more powerful bombs. We have a superior intelligence system. So how did this installation escape destruction until the French destroyed it? The answer is simple. That coward in the White House refused to destroy it because to destroy it would be to do major damage to his friendsin ISIS.

OBAMA DOESN'T GET IT: After HALF of the governors in America have said they will NOT take his Islamic terrorists disguised as “Syrian refugees,” Obama persists in his efforts to import 100,000 of them into the United States so they can set up their cells and plan their attacks to kill as many Americans in America as possible. Their problem is they're ASKING Obama not to send them any. They should be TELLING him to keep them to himself. Let them camp out on the White House lawn and the lawn of the United Nations, which also seems not to realize they're Islamic terrorists, and keep them there.

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