Friday, November 13, 2015

Council Declares War

War on the citizens of Hamtramck, MI were stupid enough to elect a majority Muslim City Council. One of them said, right after finding out they were now in the majority, “We'll now show them....” What will they “show them?” How Muslims make fools of people who stupidly make them the majority? For a long time they complained about being “ostracized” and profiled for many years. Now they're going to do that to everybody else. And they'll probably vote Sharia Law in as a legal system there.

WAR IN PARIS: Islamic terrorists have set off several suicide vests and used guns to kill dozens of people in Paris. There of them "took over" a concert stadium, holding about 100 people "hostage." But we soon learned they were to be "cannon fodder for the TWO attackers left. More than 100 people died there. What happened to the third one, I don't know. Must have been someone there with a gun. Soon the attackers were merrily shooting people, one by one--until the cops stormed the place and KILLED them. More later. No hints about a phony video.

IS JIHADI JOHN DEAD? I don't know. I sure hope so. Such a fool doesn't deserve to live Some liberals will decry his death by a drone strike. They'll call it “murder” because he wasn't killed as part of an attack He was killed after being “targeted.” so what's the difference? It is a “military objective” to kill this bastard because even ignoring all the people he has brutally murdered by beheading them with a rusty knife to make it more painful and the suffering last longer, he was a big “recruiting factor” to those bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists, who don't know any better than to kill people with whom they disagree.

HILLARY TO GET GUN CONTROL AWARD: In an action reminiscent of Barack Obama getting a Nobel Prize 'on the come” for what he “might do in the future” to please liberals, they're about to give Hillary Clinton the “inaugural Mario Cuomo Leadership Award” which is about her “leadership” on gun control. “Leadership" that has accomplished NOTHING. Liberals sure love to give each other phony “awards,” don't they?

EDUCATION: A “HUMAN RIGHT?” Not so's you'd notice it! SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and it might as well be the ones who will benefit from it. That's a typical Democrat (liberal) trick. Promise people a “freebie” without telling them how they're going to pay for it. But intelligent people know they'll pay for it by raising taxes. That's how they pay for everything, with YOUR money—and use that to ensure the votes of the recipients. You and I will end up paying for their freebies.

WHY I'M ANTI-WAR: By Angela Keaton. Frankly, I'm not enough of a movie-goer to know who she is. But still, I couldn't care less why some obscure actress is “anti-war.” I'm anti-wear, too. But I value logic and common sense, and sometimes war is NECESSARY, even if you don't like it. If somebody hits you and you don't hit him back, he'll just hit you again. The same is true of countries and people who want to make war on you. If you don't fight back, you're a FOOL.

ANYTHING TO DUMP TRUMP: The GOP is trying HARD to get yet another LOSER to join the presidential race. They think Romney can beat Trump. But he has already proven he couldn't even beat Obama when we had already realized what a disaster he (Obama) was. Trump has proven time after time that he's going to be hard to beat. Even his recent rant against Iowa (or was that Idaho?) voters didn't cause him to lose the lead. He actually INCREASED it.

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