Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Islamists Working At Airports

ISLAMISTS WORKING AT AIRPORTS: 73 of them are working for airport security. What the hell's WRONG with those fools who hire them and keep them on? Will they properly “screen” passengers for Islamic terrorists? I can't believe the abject STUPIDITY of these people! It's people like these who will cause us to lose. This government is far too incompetent. We're going to LOSE if we don't get some competent people in there.

OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT: Moms Against Guns (or some such) proved again they know NOTHING about guns, or the illicit gun market when they tried to take advantage of the Paris killings to promote gun control,. They inadvertently showed how the kind of gun laws they promote DON'T WORK. France has some of the tightest gun laws anywhere. But somehow guns still find their way in. As I have pointed out, many times. Criminals. mass murderers, and Islamic terrorists (a redundancy) don't register their guns, OR buy them legally.

HOMOPHOBIA A MENTAL DISEASE”? They really go out of their way to shut up their critics. Now they're trying to say criticism of homosexuals is a mental disease to be “treated.” So now they're trying to make their made-up word a real disease. Forget homosexuality has no way to impregnate ANYBODY, and that's what sex is all about, for intelligent people. There's nothing wrong with having sex with someone of the same sex as you, but not liking it is a human right, NOT a disease. Some people think it's fun, but others disagree, which is their RIGHT.

DUMB, DUMBER, DUMBEST: Obama is dumb. Kerry is dumber. And Hillary is dumbest. Obama won't even see the Islamic terrorists as a threat. Kerry follows right along with Obama's dumbness. And Hillary, who is running for Obama's job, carries it further, saying categorically that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, even though they take every opportunity to say they ARE. And that all they want is to kill “unbelievers” in Islam. What do these people NEED to realize what's going on? Maybe a BRAIN?

DEATH FOR NO BELIEFS! Saudi Arabia, that bastion of “peaceful Muslims,” has sentenced an atheist to DEATH for being an atheist! Not for being a Christian in a Muslim-run country. For not believing in ANY religion at all! You can't win with Muslims! That's why I will never go to a Muslim country, or go ANYWHERE that is “Sharia compliant.” Muslims have to be the MOST INTOLERANT of other religions, possible. And they have the GALL to scream loudly if a Christian doesn't like them.

SURVEILLANCE ON MOSQUES”: That's what Trump thinks we should do. It's a “ballsy idea,” and a good one. Muslims think they're safe there, and can preach their hatred of everything American with impunity and scheme their atrocities, since the gullible politicians seem to BELIEVE they are REAL religion and treat them as such. While they take full advantage of that, using Mosques as “safe” meeting places for Islamic terrorists. Quietly and secretly bug them and we will know their plans before they can implement them.

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