Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Send Jihadists to Prison

That's where they want go go so they can find many misfit recruits who already hate America because they blame their miseries on the “authorities,” rather than on themselves. They can't just go into prisons on recruiting missions. They have to be SENTENCED there, which is okay with them. While there, they are in a recruit-rich environment, and recruit many misfits for their “cause.” the longer they're there, the more recruits they gain.

OBAMA: TAKE A HINT! Almost ALL the states have said they will NOT accept any of the “Syrian refugees” in their states. What better indication of the will of the American people does he NEED? If a majority of states are against it, he has no business insisting they “knuckle under” to him. I know he doesn't get to run again, but does he really want to allow more Islamic terrorists in, and many of them at the expense of the taxpayers? Does he really want many people to DIE because of his incompetence and ignorance​? He can insult his critics all he wants, but that doesn't change things.

TRUTH DOESN'T MATTER: The latest killing of a black male by a cop was in self-defense. Just like the one in Ferguson, MO, the victim was trying to get the cop's gun so he could kill him, and the cop killed him, instead. But that doesn't matter to those “Black Lives Matter" fools. They're making a “big thing about it, calling it a “cop murder.” I guess truth just doesn't matter if it doesn't advance their agenda.

BLINDERS FIRMLY ON: Yellow “journalist” Marc Lamont Hill says that just because a jihadist beheads someone, it's not necessarily terrorism. He says, “people behead for all sorts of reasons.” Name me a time when somebody got beheaded recently for any other reason than Islamic terrorism. Today, only Islamic terrorists are the ones damned fool enough to behead people.  They BRAG about it. Does stupidity RULE among today's liberal “journalists?”

NEW TROJAN HORSE: Everybody knows about the Trojan Horse, which the Greeks used to slip into the City of Troy, but the Obama administration and the governments of many European nations seem to have forgotten it as the Islamic terrorists hide among a few real “refugees” from the Syrian war. As much as 70% of those “refugees” are young, strong, fighting-age MEN with no women, children, or old people among them. And the people responsible to “vetting” them are completely blind to it. They will die from it eventually if they don't “wise up.” As to Obama, he will NEVER “wise up." He knows exactly what's going on, and HELPS them infiltrate us by paying their way here and insulting anybody who disagrees.

POPE HATES GUNS: But that doesn't stop him from wanting twice as many ARMED security agents surrounding him as he has now. That's just as hypocritical as Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the loudest voices against guns carrying her own gun AND having armed men surrounding her at all times. It's the same thing with many other anti-gun fools who make our laws. They're ALL surrounded by gun-toting men. But they don't want that for us.

HITLER A CHRISTIAN? That's what that unmitigated fool, Whoopi Goldberg thinks, and she said so. Right out in public. But she's stupidly wrong. Hitler didn't believe in anything but himself. There was no room in his belief system for any “supreme being” outside of Adolph Hitler. Whoopi has proven her ignorance on a lot of issues since she found her way onto a political comment program. But she's been consistently wrong.

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