Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Widely Discredited?"

Gimme a BREAK! Anti-gun fools say John Lott is a “widely discredited pro-gun “researcher.” In their DREAMS! He's only “discredited” in their "fevered imaginations!” His basic contention that more guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding people will do more to reduce gun violence than anything else has been PROVED, time and time again. But those anti-gun fools refuse to recognize it so they can still maintain (falsely) that he has been “discredited.”

HARRY'S IN TROUBLE: He colluded with two former attorneys general to con money out of people in Utah. A prosecutor started an investigation into his corruption, but Obama squashed the first one. Now why would he do that, unless he knew it was genuine and wanted to keep his henchman safe from prosecution? But the prosecutor persisted, and Reid accused him of trying to improve his political position (a common scam when investigated for corruption). Results are pending. Looks like an eye is not all he's gonna lose.

THOSE CLOWNS IN DC: Once again, both Obama and Kerry have revealed their abysmal STUPIDITY, by BOTH saying the terrorists (not saying “Islamic,” of course) are “neutralized,” just before their massive attack in Paris. This attack might not have killed 3,000, as did 9/11, but it still killed a lot of innocent people (who seem to be their main targets: unarmed people who don't even know they're being targeted). You know, people who aren't likely to fight back and kill a few of the cowards.

DC WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN: The Supreme Court struck down their “gun ban” as unconstitutional. So they want to re-institute it by 51% Of course, most DC residents are the “prime movers” in the move to disarm America or force them to buy their guns ILLEGALLY. Because that's what's going to happen if they keep up their efforts to keep Americans from being able to be armed in self-defense. They'll soon get their guns the same way the criminals do, thereby becoming criminals, themselves. But it's better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.

HELPING ISIS? Obama says Republican attacks on “refugees” help ISIL. What a damned fool notion THAT is! He just can't see the “Trojan Horse” that bunch of Muslim MEN is. Where are the women? Or the children, or old folks? In a bunch of REAL “refugees” there are LOTS of them. But in this bunch, there are strangely FEW. women, children, or old folks. Outside of the children the Muslim men bring along as “sex slaves, that is (It's a”cultural thing” with them).

MORE OBAMA BULL DUNG: He spouts a lot of it whenever he speaks. He spoke it to get elected, and gullible people bought it. He's speaking it again, hoping more gullible people will buy it. He says if we don't do something about the (phony) global warming, “there will be oceans rising, more drought, flooding, bigger hurricanes, typhoons.” That sounds like his infamous “oceans rising” prediction in his election campaign. None of which ever came true.

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