Friday, November 20, 2015

Islamaphobia Isn't Real

It's a phony word, made up by militant Muslims, to shut down any criticism of their actions and practices. Practices like killing unbelievers and screwing little boys (which is a “cultural thing” with them). Opposition to Muslim atrocities is NOT “evidence of a mental aberration. It's common sense. Just as opposition and criticism of ANY murderer would be. The militant gays have similarly created a phony word, for the same purpose. They call ANYBODY who is against homosexuality a “homophobe.” so they can discredit them in a phony fashion. What they fail to understand is that people have the RIGHT to oppose homosexuality, OR Islamic murderers without being accused of mental aberration..

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Islamic terrorists are called many different names: DAESH, ISIS, ISIL, IS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram and the “Islamic State and others, which is what IS is an abbreviation for. So what's the difference? There is NONE. They're ALL Islamic terrorists, and are called by different names in different places. But there is no real difference between them. They all KILL “unbelievers.” They also kill for stupid reasons, like drawing a PICTURE of “The Prophet.” They also like to kill innocent women for GETTING raped.

WHY SO MANY NAMES? It's common practice among Muslims and Muslim extremists to use several different names. Every Muslim has several different names. It works well to confuse those who are hunting specific Muslims. They don't know which names they might be using at any given time, so that makes hunting them more difficult. There's an easy solution for this: just kill them, regardless of what name they're using. Do the same thing they're doing, in reverse. They kill people for not being Muslim, so just kill THEM for BEING Muslim.

WIDOWS AND ORPHANS”: Obama says those who object to allowing Muslim “refugees” in are “afraid of widows and orphans.” How STUPID does he think we are? There are very few”widows or orphans” among those “refugees.” Most are young, military age MEN who say they're fleeing the fighting. But they should be fighting the Islamic terrorists. Instead, they're coming here to fight FOR the Islamic terrorists, and KILL American “unbelievers.”

IS IT “UNAMERICAN?” ABC's Johnathan Carl told Ted Cruz it is “unAmerican” to put limits on the importation of “Syrian refugees,” better known as Islamic terrorist invaders. But is it? Or is it “unAmerican only in the minds of ignorant liberals like Carl (who seem to be everywhere in the liberal media)? No, it's NOT “unAmerican. It's COMMON SENSE. Those “refugees” are mostly young, military age MEN who came here to kill Americans for the Islamic terrorists. To reject their claims of refugee status is only LOGICAL.

SHEP SMITH IN WRONG PLACE: He's obviously mostly a liberal, and terminally STUPID.. And he's gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but he wants to flout it, as do militant gays, everywhere. But the one thing that tells me he's in the wrong place at Fox is his opinion that we should freely accept those phony “Syrian refugees,” who are really Islamic terrorist infiltrators coming here to kill as many Americans as they can. With that opinion, he'd fit in very well at CNN. But not at Fox, where they value TRUTH.

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