Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More Obama Delusions

He's ridiculing the Republicans complaints about the type of questions they got from those rabidly liberal debate “moderators.” saying the Republicans can't even handle some “tough questions.” But that's not what they were. They were DESIGNED to get the candidates to fight with each other, and had NOTHING to do with serious questions. And he thinks we're going to buy his horse manure. He thinks the Chinese or Russians will not be worried about them. In truth, they're not worried about OBAMA because he is such a WIMP.

THEY'RE REALLY AFRAID! One TV station in France actually FIRED a weatherman (who should know) for writing a book saying “global warming” is a farce. They must really be frightened that their false narrative about the climate might be exposed (too late—it already HAS been exposed). So this weatherman was immediately FIRED for actually saying the TRUTH in his book. In his book, he accused the climate scientists (some of them) of MISLEADING the public and using scare tactics to FORCE conformity on the issue. I guess their “scare tactics” GOT him. It's pretty bad when you gotta get a guy FIRED for telling the truth about your narrative.

EVERY MAN'S FANTASY”: Heidi Clum says her Halloween costume, which featured impossibly large breasts (prosthetic) and a padded backside was “every man's fantasy.” She has a really inflated opinion of her importance in men's minds, and she's not talking about me. I've never been a fan of big breasts. I've always thought of women with such large appendages as being “way too much.” Freaks of nature. Same applies to big butts.

ONLY SOCIALISM CAN SAVE US”: That's what Bill Gates, one of the most successful capitalists, is saying. And I used to think Gates was intelligent. He doesn't understand that socialism can't “save” anybody! It's a philosophy of THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth, for the benefit of those who can't or WON'T create new wealth (those parasites on society) that produce NOTHING. Socialism would have (and has) taken away much of his wealth. Socialism is one of the worst impediments to success in the free market, and apparently Gates has forgotten that.

HE JUST DOESN'T CARE: Obama couldn't care less that the Democrats took a BIG drubbing in the last THREE elections, because of HIS ideas and actions. He can't run again, so he no longer cares. All he cares about is what HE wants, and to hell with the wishes of Democrats, and especially Republicans. His hallmark is, “I want it, which is enough reason to DO it.” But that doesn't extend to other Democrats, or anyone else. That's why he spent the recent election day playing GOLF, as Democrats LOST, all over the country. Bravo, Barack! You helped Republicans take over!

IT'S PROBABLY BS: Islamic Terrorists have claimed to have ”brought down” that Russian airplane (BIG mistake!). It's probably a load of horse manure, but that really doesn't matter. They WISH they had done it, and that is what counts, With me. If they really DID do it, that tells me a lot (as if I didn't already know) about their character. It tells me they WOULD HAVE shot down a planeload of non-combatants (including innocent CHILDREN), wantonly killing them (on purpose, not by accident, and just before Christmas) because they don't follow the right “religion.” They're totally EVIL, and need to be “wiped off the face of the Earth.” All nations should send all they've got to do it.

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