Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Shouldn't Be Americans"

That's what Hillary says about who should be crushing the Islamic terrorists. Why the hell NOT? They're attacking us, as well as other countries. They're challenging the most powerful country in the world, notwithstanding Obama. We need to ANSWER that challenge by CRUSHING them, wherever we find them—and make sure we find them ALL. They're a cocky bunch, because Obama hasn't fought them effectively. They think they're invincible. We need to disabuse them of that notion.

QUIT ACCEPTING “REFUGEES”: We need to tell Obama to “stick it”: where he sits as he demands we accept “Syrian refugees,” most of which are NOT refugees, but are Islamic terrorists who have conned him into not only HELPING them come here, but paying their way, as well. Some states are already “closing their borders” to them because they KNOW that. Most of those coming are military age MEN, with NO women, children, or old people, which is unusual, to say the least. When people become “refugees” from a “war zone,” women, children, and old people are the FIRST to go. Not the young and able to fight. I say this now, because I won't be able to later, after Obama defines saying it as “Islamaphobia and puts me in PRISON for saying it. I know that would be against the Constitution, but Obama doesn't care.

IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!” Every time somebody FARTS in Obama's presence, Bush gets the blame for the stink. It doesn't matter to Obama or his henchmen that it has been almost EIGHT YEARS since Bush was in power. It's the easiest thing in the world to blame him for everything that goes wrong. For instance: losing two wars that OBAMA lost by pulling his troops out without winning, which is the same as SURRENDER.

WAR IS INEVITABLE: War with Islamic terrorists is inevitable. They won't let us avoid it. They are so cocky they think they can beat us. The Germans and the Japanese thought so, too. And you know what happened to them. Fools like this always think they can “take” us, and they're always proven wrong—IF we have politicians who will LET us win, which we don't have, now. So they'd better “do their thing” quickly, before we finally get rid of that FOOL in the White House.

RAND PAUL CHALLENGES BERNIE: He has challenged him to a “debate on ideas.” But Bernie will never accept, because he HAS no ideas, except those tired, old, unworkable socialist ideas of his. He has no other ideas, as he has proven with all his rhetoric that boils down to giving “freebies” to everybody (except the people paying for them).” Frankly, I wonder about the SANITY of those people who “flock” to his speeches. All I can figure is they're all “leeches” who want to live at the expense of others.

OBAMA: FRANCE JUST “TALKING TOUGH”: Obama says that's all France is doing: talking as if they were tough,” and not much else. He ignores their more than 100 raids on Islamic terrorist enclaves and arresting dozens of terrorists. As they proceed, many terrorists will die, I hope. Obama's arrogant condescension sickens me, but he will most likely continue it until some Muslim fool kills him.

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