Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Usual Hypocrisy

The Californicate Lt. Gov. wants to keep you from having the means to self-defense, while he goes around with ARMED men surrounding him, paid for with YOUR money. This is an example of the hypocrisy of the “anti-gun fools” everywhere. Sen. Diane Feinsten (a Californicator, naturally) is one of the best-known “gun-grabbers,” and she carries her own gun to supplement her ARMED security. Interesting: BOTH are former San Francisco Mayors.

THEY CAN STICK IT: The feds are telling the states that if they don't admit ”Syrian refugees” they would face punitive action. In other words, let the killers in to kill their citizens, or face punishment. Sounds like the action of a man who thinks he's a dictator, to me. Obama has no legal footing for such a threat, NOR for implementing it. But to a man who doesn't care about the law for anybody but his enemies, that doesn't dissuade him in the slightest. It's illegal, but he'll enforce it, anyway.

BLAME IT ON THE GUNS: Whenever something bad happens, anywhere in the world, involving guns, Obama is the first in line to use it to call for more of the kind of gun laws that liberals have been passing lately, that do NOTHING to stop gun violence. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that their laws are USELESS in stopping gun violence. Until they do, I'll fight them, tooth and nail.

SHOOTER IN COLORADO SPRINGS: We don't know yet where the shooter in the Colorado Springs killings got his guns, or whether or not he got them legally. But it makes no difference, does it? If he was able to buy them legally, it means there was nothing on his record to stop him. If not, he bought his guns ILLEGALLY, which the current gun laws did nothing to stop. Think about it.

SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY: The fools pushing the “black lives matter” scam are just “useful idiots” for those who want to weaken the influence of the cops in law enforcement, leaving it to the feds, of course. They used the events in Ferguson, MO to get things started, and use every police shooting of a thug, righteous or not, to advance their agenda. They're creating the very thing they say is happening, but isn't—yet.

GOOD RECRUITING TOOL: Obama has used that many times as a reason not to pursue obvious things he should be doing to put an end to the Islamic terrorists. Maybe we should stop pursuing the average murderer for the same reason. It would cause more criminals to become murderers. Or let even more rapists, burglars, and murderers out of prison because, you know, going to prison is such a great incentive to become a criminal.

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