Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obama Loves Himself

He says that he will visit the city who “signs up” the most uncovered people to Obamacare during the “open enrollment period.” that's supposed to be like an award, but it's not. Only Democrats would appreciate a visit from him. Human beings will not. And even Democrats aren't so interested in him coming to visit any more. For my part, if Denver wins, I plan to be out of town when he visits. Whenever that is.

WHOOPI'S WEARING BLINDERS: She tells Carlie Fiorina, “Nobody's harvesting baby body parts, come ON, girl!” apparently she doesn't believe the evidence of her own eyes (or she refuses to look at it), and believes the LIES told by Planned Parenthood and other liberals. They have MURDERED millions of innocent babies and SOLD their body parts for profit. That's indisputable. But she's got her blinders firmly on. Not only that, she dishonors a presidential candidate by saying, "Come on, Girl!"

OBAMA: I WANT TO BREAK THE LAW! It's against the basic law of the land to deny Americans the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. Meanwhile, criminals, and other “ne'er-do-wells” have no trouble getting their guns, because they don't obey laws. It's pretty stupid for a politician to say his “fervent wish” is to be able to take away rights of Americans, but that's Obama. Stupid from the word, “go.”

SO THE HELL WHAT? Hillary Duff, of Disney fame, now has a gun. She was “spotted” coming out of a gun store by some fool who stationed himself there to catch just such a celebrity buying a gun. But my question is, what business is it of HIS, or, for that matter, OURS? If Duff wants a gun, that's HER business. Unless Duff is vocally against other people having guns (which she is not, so far as I can tell). Nobody cares if she has a gun—except fools who want to victimize her, that is.

GETTING AROUND THE CONSTITUTION: Democrat Nadya Valesquez, A KNOWN socialist, introduced (with 12 others) a bill that, if it becomes law, will tax each gun sold (except that sold to government agencies) in the United States $100.00. The gun grabbers know they can't just BAN guns, so they want to make them unaffordable to the average American. They've also been trying to make laws to tax each BULLET, or eliminate ammunition altogether. Bullets don't have constitutional protection, but without them, guns are USELESS. Anything to “get around” the Constitution.

HE'S BREAKING THE LAW!” That's what Sen. Ayotte says about Obama's transferring GITMO prisoners to American prisons. And he thinks that will stop Obama from breaking the law. Obama breaks the law on a daily basis, and only being president stops retribution from “raining down on his head.” He doesn't give a damn. Nobody has the gonads to stop him. As long as nobody has the gonads to call him on it, he can do anything he wants, and soon it is a “fait accompli” and we're done.

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