Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The "Air Strike Myth"

Obama talks about his “thousands of air strikes” on Islamic (without saying Islamic) terrorist targets, but he never tells you that 75% of the airplanes return to base with a full load of ordinance, without firing a single missile or dropping a single bomb, due to his unrealistically tight “rules of engagement.” Obama wants to “fight” this war without killing a SINGLE “civilian.” He completely ignores the fact that ALL Islamic terrorists are civilians, and they purposely use civilians as "shields.". There IS no “army” here, and no LEGAL state involved.

PHONY SCORN: As usual, Michael Moore is against anything the government (at any level) does. Now he's telling the governor of Michigan he is “heartless and unChristian” for refusing to accept Syrian “refugees,” who are not refugees at all, but mostly Islamic terrorists, coming here to kill as many of us as possible. He might even get to be one of the first. He doesn't like the governor's call for a complete revision of our vetting procedures for ALL “refugees.” Moore says, in spite of the governor's wishes, he, himself is going to tell the feds he will "offer his home in Traverse City to the 'refugees'.” Good. They'll not have to hunt for him to kill him. He IS an “unbeliever, after all. Of course, he IS a HUGE target. Hard to miss.

GETTING AROUND THE CONSTITUTION: Obama is now demanding Republican cooperation on a new law to stop (Islamic) terrorists already in the country from buying guns. Notice, he still won't call them ISLAMIC terrorists, while using them to “”get around” the Constitution. Then he will just define everybody who wants to buy a gun legally as a “domestic terrorist.” Lost in the din is the fact that terrorists don't buy guns legally so, as usual, those laws will only apply to honest, law-abiding Americans.

ARE SOME TEACHERS INSANE? Just the other day I read about a school teacher who insisted on teaching her students an ISIS recruiting song. Today, I read about a teacher telling her kids to draw ISIS recruiting posters! Are these teachers INSANE? ISIS is the ENEMY! And they're having their young, impressionable students HELPING them in their efforts to recruit people to KILL Americans because they don't BELIEVE in the kind of Islam of which they approve.

TRUMP FAVORS WATERBOARDING: And liberals' heads are exploding. What does he MEAN, subjecting these “peaceful Muslims” to this atrocity? Frankly, I think Trump is right. If that's what it takes to make one of these mass murderers talk and save a few lives, why NOT “waterboard” them? It's not very pleasant, but it doesn't permanently injure them, as beheading (which they do to us) does. It shouldn't be used on American citizens who are NOT Islamic terrorists, but it SHOULD be used on them. They should HAVE no rights.

"POLITICS-FREE THANKSGIVING?” That's what Michelle Malkin wants for us. I usually agree with most of what she writes, but in this case, I think she's wrong. Politics is like the weather: you can't just “turn it off” because you want to. You need to pay attention to politics ALWAYS, because it will always pay attention to YOU. Maybe you could decide not to argue about it over Thanksgiving dinner, but NEVER ignore it.

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