Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dems: "Walker Lynching Blacks"

Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore, backed up by DNC chair Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, intimated the other day that former Wisconsin Gov., now presidential candidate Scott Walker was “tightening the noose around blacks” in Wisconsin. Talk about FOUL POLITICS “run amuck!” Democrats have always been at the forefront of “filthy politics,” but this takes the cake. I don't know why ANYBODY votes for them, except to “keep the goodies coming,” a la communism/socialism. That kind of voter is going to DOOM this country.

SMARTEST DECISION”: Obama says that “Appointing Biden as veep was the smartest decision of my presidency.” It's amazing that he would actually come out and say that, and it's TRUE! Considering how STUPID all his other decisions have been, I believe him when he says this. Of course, he doesn't think his other decisions are stupid. They have brought him much closer to his goals to make this into a socialist country and ruin its economy. Biden's continuous gaffes, and the current stock market crash. The Tea Party doesn't agree with him on ANYTHING except that Joe Biden IS his smartest decision in his presidency. Of course, that means that all the others are DUMB!

MOST DANGEROUS MAN”: Some people are saying that Bernie Sanders is the “most dangerous man in America.” I disagree. He IS a dangerous man, but not the MOST dangerous. That dubious “honor” goes to Obama, who ALREADY has the power he needs to destroy this country, and he is using it unmercifully, every day, in every way he can. Sanders is at least honest in that he ADMITS that he is a socialist. Obama is, but won't admit it. He is also a “closet Islamist” who is doing everything he can to help the Islamic terrorists kill as many “unbelievers” as he can, Americans or others. He supports their bloody war on Christianity.

TO STOP TRUMP: Mitt Romney may be planning to “jump into” the Republican ranks of presidential candidates (would anybody notice?) to “put a stop to Trump.” Do they really think Romney's presence will do ANYTHING to “stop Trump?” He's already lost an election once, Everything the other candidates have done to “stop Trump” have come to naught. Now they're going to embarrass themselves by throwing Romney out there to end up behind them all. They're so frightened of Trump, they'll try ANYTHING to get rid of him.

JUST MAKE SOMETHING UP”: Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz just proved again how Democrats work: if you don't have something bad to say about your opponent, make something up.” Political Correctness" can help here: just declare a word everybody uses to be racist and accuse your opponent of political incorrect speech. That's what she did to Jeb Bush. He actually had the GALL to use the words, “anchor babies.” That's “jist orful!” Never mind it isn't. You just declared it so. So he's a “bad person” for using it..

WHY NOT RELEASE IT? Obama's now running a very polished, professionally produced television campaign to convince Americans his Iran deal is “really good.” But why then, does he keep the details secret? If it's so damned good, why won't he tell us what's in it? This whole thing sounds typical of Obama. Do something nasty, tell us it's good, insist it is in the media, and expect us to believe it. Well, I DON'T believe it. I think he's “given away the store,” and wants us to believe otherwise. THAT'S typical Obama. This is the most phony president, ever!

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