Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Americans Want Cooperation"

AMERICANS WANT COOPERATION: What a big load of horse manure THAT is! But that's what is preached by the Democrats (liberals). That might be okay if the definition of “cooperation” to liberals was not “agreeing with them.” They say the American people are tired of all the strife and disagreement among politicians. That's another big load of horse manure. The American political system was DESIGNED to promote that disagreement. They knew that a system without disagreement between its politicians was a DICTATORSHIP, with one party—one MAN/woman dictating what happens; and they wanted no part of that.

HONEST TEA” EXPERIMENT: They did an experiment in several cities. They set up a booth in which a person could just take some of their iced tea and leave a specified amount, to test the honesty of individuals. I won't bore you with all the results, expect to tell you that the most DISHONEST people, who just TOOK the tea, left no money, and worse, even stole some of the money, were in Washington, DC Not really a surprise. That's where the most dishonest people reside.

IT'S ALL A LIE: Muslims are buying a bunch of billboards to tell a LIE. The billboards SAY “Islam is all about ''love, not hate, peace, not violence,' and offering a 'free Quoran.” (I guess that's how they spell it this week). It might be more believable if they stopped sending out fools to KILL people who don't believe the right way. Maybe if they stopped beheading Christians. It's right there in the Koran (Quoran, etc.) To “smite unbelievers on the neck.” And that “it's okay to LIE to help spread Islam.” And that “Free Quoran” they offer must be a “doctored version” to take out all that. But if you can get your hands on a REAL one, it's all there. They're protected by the fact that real ones are in a language we can't understand, so they can make phonies to give us. It's all in the real ones, but we never get to see them.

SYRIAN TODDLER ON THE BEACH: They found the body of a Syrian toddler washed up on a beach and the world is “horrified.” I would be more in sympathy with the world if that were the ONLY toddler killed in that violence. But is suspect many children have been killed in that mess, since Islamic terrorists aren't too careful who—or what—they kill in their quest to advance their schemes. And I suspect there will be even more small bodies discovered, until people become bored by it—and that's wrong. But the Muslim extremists don't care.

IT WUZ JIST A JOKE”: That's what Carlos Anthony Hollins, who posted a Tweet saying they are going to “kill all whites” in the town of La Plata, MD. When he was apprehended, he says, “Why do the cops take that seriously? I was just joking.” Really, Carlos? In this atmosphere, with cops being murdered all over the country, you think that's a JOKE? Either you're STUPID or just deranged. Do you really think some fool who BELIEVES this crap won't take you seriously and go out and randomly kill some innocent person? You need to be locked away to protect you from YOURSELF in your stupidity.

WAY TO LOSE YOUR JOB! An Arby's employee apparently went loony (or was born that way) and refused to serve a COP who walked in with a gun on his hip. What idiocy is THAT? The employee's grandfather said it “Was a joke.” What? In today's atmosphere where cops are being killed from ambush and from BEHIND, that's a JOKE? I don't know if this employee got fired for this (not for his action, but for STUPIDITY), but he ought to be. A Taco Bell employee was fired after a similar incident. The employee says he didn't know this person was a cop, but how did he NOT? He can't be that ignorant—but apparently he is.

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