Monday, September 7, 2015

If A White Guy Did It...

If a white guy sneaked up on a black television reporter and killed her—or a white guy sneaked up on a black cop filling his gas tank and shot them to death, it would be a “cause celebre” for weeks, maybe months, or even years. But since the victims were white in both cases, the liberal media just yawns about it while black activists (some who are white, PRETENDING to be black) “justify” it by saying “they're probably racists, anyway.” This shows the kind of STUPID people there are in the “black lives matter” scam.

DOES HE EVEN HAVE THE AUTHORITY? Obama has unilaterally renamed Mt, McKinley, in ALASKA, a place he may have never even BEEN, Denali. Does he even have the AUTHORITY to do that? Seems to me such a thing would (should) require a majority vote (at least) in Congress. He named it after himself (Denali means “the high one”), but that's beside the point. Does he have that authority by himself? Of course, this doesn't surprise me. He is KNOWN for doing just what he wants, in SPITE of legality OR constitutionality.

TOTAL IGNORANCE: Obama actually THINKS he has “cut the budget deficit by one-third” during his administration. Actually, he has sent it to unknown heights. But he's too dumb to know it. It's like when he said he was so popular with Americans. It doesn't dawn on this narcissist that a majority of Americans HATE him with a passion. If he had to stand for re-election again, he'd find out, fast. “Fool me once....” and all that. He's so incompetent that his feeble mind doesn't even consider that possibility.

BUILT ON A LIE: The “Black Lives Matter” scam is a “movement built on a lie.” More blacks are killed by other blacks than are killed by cops. And those who ARE killed are usually killed while trying to kill the cops who kill them. When people say, “White Lives Matter, too,” it enrages them because it makes a JOKE about their basic premise. Even the activist who started it is only PRETENDING to be black. The whole thing is phony, and is DESIGNED to get cops killed, which will, in turn, get more blacks killed by cops, and then will become a “self-propagating prediction.”

THE NEW OBAMA?” Some people have referred to Bernie Sanders, as he surges to the top of the list on the Democrat side, as “the new Obama,” since he and his campaign mirrors Obama's “rise to power” over Hillary. She has to be saying, “Oh no! Not again!” as the numbers show the strength of this socialist danger to her presidential hopes yet again. He is a DECLARED socialist, as Obama was a “closet socialist.” But socialists are both. And Hillary is getting older. If Sanders is elected, and with the “machine” on his side, gets re-elected, as Obama did, in spite of the common hatred of him and his works, She may be too old to run again in 2024.

THEY CAN'T GET RID OF TRUMP: But they can EQUAL him. He can spend a lot of money, but so can they. The question is, can they match him in the spending category? I think it will come down to the wire at the convention as the Republicans try to find a way NOT to nominate him, which can be hard to do without some chicanery, which I'm sure they'll try. Republicans just don't recognize Trump as the best thing that has happened to them since Reagan. The only good thing I can see is that his best competition seems to be Dr. Carson, who is probably just as good.

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