Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Albright Defense Fizzles

Madelyn Albright, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, went on TV in an attempt to bamboozle and “smooth over” the Hillary e-mail scandal. But she screwed it up, royally. She tried to say Hillary “explained and apologized.” That “we should now move on to the issues." But that's precisely what Hillary has NOT done. She (Hillary) rebuffed all questions and made light of it by making jokes about it.. Her “no apology apology” was basically that she was sorry she got caught. Albright tried ”damage control” by Twitter later, but that didn't work. It just made it worse. She says, “Hillary would make an exceptional president.” which shows a very low level of intelligence.

SORRY TO SEE BOEHNER GO: The people most sorry to see Boehner go are the ones that will surprise you. The biggest name is Barack Obama. The next biggest is Harry Reid. Then there are any number of other Democrats. NO significant misery displayed by Republicans. Why is that, you may ask? Why would the OPPOSITION be sorry to see him go? Because he has been their biggest SUPPORTER in congress, and the next guy might not be so accommodating. That says a LOT, to me.

DON'T MESS WITH OLD FOLKS: Two robbers, both WOMEN, tied this oldster up in his own home and attempted to rob him. One took off in his car for I don't know what reason, but he managed to free himself and got his gun. He tried to hold the one left at gunpoint, but she ran away. The cops found one of them (the one who took off in his car) in a MARKET, for gawdsake! Why goes GROCERY SHOPPING in the middle of a robbery? The one who ran from the home may still be running. But this just shows that you don't ever want to underestimate old folks.

BOEHNER FAVORS MASS MURDER: He says he wants to get the measure to continue funding Planned Parenthood during his last month in office. He wants one of his last acts to be to support INFANTICIDE. He CAN'T not know that's what they do! I heard a commentator on the liberal (local) media say those videos had been “heavily edited and completely discredited” (the usual Planned Parenthood lie) on TV, but they have NOT. They have been certified as genuine. But Boehner still wants to finance their mass murder activities.

OBAMA FACE TOILET PAPER: They've come out with a new toilet paper with Obama's face on each sheet. But I probably won't be buying any. Much as like the idea of using Obama's face to wipe with, it's only available online, and I don't buy things online because the one time I tried, I got robbed. “Fool me once....” ONE TIME! That makes it pretty common, and I want no part of it. If I ever see it in a Walgreen's store (where I can usually find most of the products “not available in stores”), then I'll get some. It's such a delicious idea!

ONLY IGNORANT PEOPLE: Obama says, “Only ignorant people think Islam is behind the terrorism that is quickly growing in the world.” Does he really think we're dumb enough to BELIEVE that crap? Does he really think he can make that true by SAYING it? The only “ignorant person” in this is OBAMA, who won't even utter the words “Islamic terrorism” when the terrorists themselves say they are Muslims! Can he BE that STUPID? I don't think so. I think he's trying his best to HELP the Islamic terrorists win.

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