Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Desperately Needs Attention

The Pope is in town. The news media keeps track of his every movement, including his bathroom breaks, probably even wanting to go into the bathroom with him and interview him as he stands before the potty. Hillary is jealous that she is not getting the massive amount of attention she's used to. That's probably why she announced her opposition to the Keystone Pipeline right now. Frankly, I'm getting tired of seeing her mug every time I look at the television, almost as much as I abhor seeing OBAMA'S ugly mug. But I'm fast getting tired of hearing about every move the Pope makes, too. The Pope's visit is nice, but it's not worth all the hooraw they're giving it.

THAT'S OK WITH LIBERALS: We try and help all people retain their right to make their own decisions. But Muslims don't. Apparently that's okay with liberals. Nothing seems to have been done to this Muslim teen who confronted a girl because he didn't like how she was dressed. Then he slugged her and kept hitting her. And when she was on the ground, his buddy ran up and kicked her in the head. She was not a Muslim, yet he insisted she adhere to his Muslim way of dress, and beat her up because she didn't And this is a “peaceful Muslim” who isn't (yet) fighting with the Islamic terrorists. Only a “yellow-belly” would hit a woman, for ANY reason. But Muslims apparently don't agree.

IT'S REALLY OFFENSIVE”: That's what Elanor Clift said about Carly Fiorina's saying Planned Parenthood killed babies and sold their body parts. So the hell WHAT? That's what they're DOING! Who cares if they “get offended” by somebody exposing them? I just can't understand ANYBODY who DEFENDS these mass murderers. They have incriminated THEMSELVES by their own words on those videos, which have not been edited, in any way. Clift needs to quit taking stupid pills.

IT'S A BIG LOAD! Hillary is now saying, “The economy usually works better when a Democrat is in the White House.” What a LOAD of horse manure THAT is! Maybe she ought to look at some REAL statistics, not the phony ones liberals (Democrats) rely on. They show graphically that when Democrats are in the Oval Office, the economy LOSES, BIG. It usually takes a real Republican like Reagan to “clean up the mess” usually left by Democrats. He took an unemployment rate of double figures when he came in and lowered it ti 4%. That's how Democrats do it. Make a false statement that goes against reality, and the liberal media never questions them on it.

REASONS NOT TO ELECT BERNIE: Yes, he's being honest. I respect him for that. I just don't believe in the same things he does—like socialism. So him saying taxes WILL go up if he's elected and that his budget WON'T be balanced are two good reasons NOT to elect him, even if you are a Democrat. Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist, which is DEATH knell to an American politician for people with intelligence who pay attention to politics. Not the fools who don't.

KILL DONALD TRUMP!” Twitter has “lit up” with death threats against Trump. And I'll “bet the farm” they all come from those “peaceful Muslims” whose answer to ANY SLIGHT is to kill somebody. And they wonder why nobody wants them around. They spend all their time criticizing our way of life and try to harass us at every turn. It's not racism or religious bigotry to want them GONE,It's COMMON SENSE. I've never seen any group of people who did so many things to be pests. They need to go where people live like they want them to live, and away from human beings.

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