Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hillary Can Dance?

Hillary showed again she doesn't have the faintest idea what “dancing” is when she tried “dancing” with her “mini-me” on the Ellen Degeneres show recently. What she did was NOT dancing. It was standing in place and moving around a little bit, like she had "ants in her pants." Like she did recently with Bill in another crappy video. Really, Hillary! “Dancing” means moving around on the floor. “Breaking some MOVES!” Not bouncing around with your feet firmly planted in one place on the floor and wiggling your behind.

THEY STILL CAN'T LEARN: An atheist group is complaining about chaplains praying at school football games, saying that “isn't constitutional.” They're wrong, but they aren't smart enough to know it. The Constitution doesn't say to ELIMINATE religion completely from schools (which are part of government), it just says “NO LAWS may be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” These fools should READ the Constitution (if they can read) and find out for themselves. But they never will, whether or not they CAN read. Their minds are made up. We can't “confuse them with facts.”

HE'S THE DELUSIONAL ONE: NY Gov. Cuomo says, “People who are against gun control are delusional.” What a quack! If anybody is delusional it's Cuomo. Not just on gun control, he's delusional about everything. That's the way it is with most politicians in the Northeast, especially New York. We're not “against gun control.” We're against HIS IDEA of what constitutes gun control. Find something that WORKS, push it, and we'd be right with him. But that'll never happen. He and his friends aren't smart enough.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Just to “prove” Hillary's innocence in that “e-mail matter,” Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed what amounts to an “e-mail czar” he CALLS, “Director of Transparency.” and like in Orwell's “1984,” the name is just the OPPOSITE of what the appointee will be doing. He/she will be seeing to it there is NO transparency in DC. Of course, this appointee contributed mightily($2700.00) to Hillary in the past, and probably will, in the future. And they really think we'll “buy” this horse manure!

HILLARY'S UNION SUPPORT: The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen has endorsed Hillary for president. Surprise, surprise! Democrats have always been the “party of unions. So it is never any surprise when a union blindly supports this socialist party, whatever their members want (they don't care about that). I've heard about “rats LEAVING a sinking ship,” but this is the first time I've heard about rats jumping ON a sinking ship! But again, it's no surprise. Unions BLINDLY vote for democrats, no matter how big a crook they are. They don't care. Most of them are crooks, too.

DID SHE REALLY SAY IT? Sarah Palin is quoted as referring to the “Black Lives Matter” bunch as "dogs."The name liberals like to attach to cops, Yes, she did. What's wrong with that? She's wrong, of course. They're really “PIGS.” Pigs is a term THEY use to refer to the people they want to KILL to get rid of the opposition to their criminal activity. That they're going to fail in that effort is a given. But not before a lot of people die. The leaders of this “gang of murderers” are incensed at what she said. But who cares what they think? They don't count.

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