Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Just Call It Racism"

Whenever the liberals hear a thing that frightens them, they want to stop people from saying it do they don't have to answer it. So they declare it “politically incorrect,” or “racist.” then they divert the argument to criticizing people who use those terms, saying they're “insensitive” or “racist.” And mostly those who have been using those terms apologize and argue that they AREN'T “insensitive” or “racist,” and forget their original argument. Now they're saying “the term silent majority” is racist after Donald Trump used the term, saying the term really means “the white majority.” Therefore it is “racist.” and that blunts it. But I don't think that's going to work with Trump, who tells them to “stick it where it hurts.”

REMINGTON ZINGS HILLARY: They've come out with a new ad for their gun wipes that says they work on everything but e-mail servers—a direct reference to her snarky reply to a newsman who asked the proper question, “Did you wipe your e-mail server?” Her answer, “You mean with a cloth or something? Was a classic of diversion, a way to get a laugh while failing to answer the question. It makes her look stupid, especially to those of us who already see her that way. I think a toilet paper company should come out with an ad saying Hillary would like their product, since she's such an expert at "wiping."

FALLBACK POSITION: For Democrats, whenever you get asked a question you can't (or won't) answer, you go to the “fallback position” all Democrats use: accuse your opponents of being “just like terrorists.” Never mind their opponents haven't beheaded anybody or raped any women or small girls (or boys), or killed anybody for not agreeing with them. As usual, they “say it” without any proof (there isn't any). They just expect us to BELIEVE it because they SAY it. You know, like Harry Reid's lie that an “imaginary friend” told him Romney hadn't paid his taxes in ten years. That was proven to be a LIE, but Harry never apologized for it. He didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE it. It's a common scam with Democrats.

SUPPORT FOR KILLERS: I never thought I'd see the day when a presidential candidate would criticize her opponents for wanting to “de-fund” a KILLER outfit like Planned Parenthood, The murderer of MILLIONS of helpless BABIES. She says “Republicans are like terrorists” for wanting to de-fund these baby killers.” Does she really think this position will HELP her in her flagging effort to take over the White House? That pretty much shows her LACK of intelligence, as if we weren't fully aware of it.

AN EXCUSE FOR FAILURE: Giving people “participation trophies” makes trophies WORTHLESS. If you can get a trophy for just BEING THERE, it doesn't mean a thing. And the kids who get them know that. You can tell by the way they handle the trophies after they get them home. Do they put them in an “honored place” and call people's attention to them when they visit? NO. They throw them in their “junk box” and try to forget they got them.

COURT SHUTS DOWN MAYOR: Remember that lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas? You know, the one who ORDERED Houston pastors to “run their sermons by her” before they were “allowed to give them?” That this “order” was patently unconstitutional seems to be beyond her intelligence. But the court shut her down on that one. So now she's trying to get an ordinance passed to let MEN who “think” they're women pee in the same restroom as real women. The court has shut her down on that one, too, and rightly so. Nobody who has a penis should be allowed in the same restroom with a woman, for ANY reason. But apparently she doesn't know that.

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