Sunday, September 27, 2015

Talk About Disrespectful!

South Park made a show in which Donald Trump got raped to death. It that had happened naming ANY Democrat candidate, the howl would be heard from here to eternity and wouldn't stop until all connected were ruined, or dead. But it was Donald Trump, so the media has let out a massive yawn. They couldn't care less because Trump is a Republican. The double standard is so obvious it's shameful, but they don't care. That's the way they are. Democrats criticize everybody for “not being respectful” whenever somebody makes fun of their people. But never when it's Republicans.

INCOME REDISTRIBUTION”: There is nothing more COMMUNIST (socialist, collectivist) than “income redistribution,” which is one of the most popular things for Democrats (liberals) to say. “Uneven income distribution” is another. Both are covers for governmental THEFT of money and property,from those capable and willing to EARN their money and property EARN, while GIVING that stolen to those who have (and will) produce NOTHING usable. All they have is their JEALOUSY of those who DO. And they PLAY on that jealousy to get votes to stay in (or gain) office, by promising more “goodies” than the “other guy.” I'm reminded of HIllary's promoting FREE COLLEGE TUITION for all.

BOHNER'S QUITTING: It's the ultimate demonstration of his personality. He knew he was going to have to FIGHT to keep his job, so rather than fight, he quit. That's been what he has been doing ever since he was named to his position. “Run from a fight.” Every time Obama says, “jump,” he gets on his knees and says, “How high, sir?” Sometimes he bends over forward. If we can now get a real fighter in his position there may be time left yet to mitigate some of the damage Obama has done. I just hope there is SOMEBODY there who fits that description.

LIBERALS “FREAK OUT”: Big deal. They're always “Freaking out” over something. In this case it's over a “hot babe” in a NRA ad. So WHAT if they use a “hot babe?” Women who like to be able to defend themselves can be pretty, too. Apparently, liberals don't understand that, since a lot of liberal women don't “measure up” to the “hot babe” label. So what if they use a “hot babe” in an ad? Sex sells. They know that, as well as anybody (but liberals) do, and they use it. Besides, who cares what liberals think? They just aren't important.

OBAMA PROMISES VETO: Ever a block to anything good, Obama has promised to veto a bill now in Congress to “outlaw killing babies.” apparently, he LIKES the idea of “killing off” black babies. Although why Congress thinks another LAW to make killing babies against the law is needed, I don't know. Isn't killing babies MURDER? We already have laws against murder if the “authorities” will just enforce them. The members of the Supreme Court who “deciphered” the Constitution to mean killing babied in the womb is okay need to be arrested, tried for mass murder, and imprisoned, some of them given the death penalty.

FUNDING MASS MURDERERS: Speaker Boehner has announced that he is quitting. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He has been a “lap dog” for Obama ever since he was elected speaker of the House. He has “bent over forward” for Obama so much that whenever Obama says, “jump,” he squats down and asks, “How high? Now he has also announced he will see to it that Congress votes to keep funding the mass murderers of mostly black babies at Planned Parenthood, and we KNOW Obama will sign it into law so they can keep on with their murderous ways. Boehner, and Obama, need to be arrested, and “perp-walked out, tried for mass murder, and executed as quickly as possible. Forget impeachment. Like Clinton, he knows where too many bodies are buried. Probably helped bury a few, himself.

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