Monday, September 14, 2015

Ellen Is SO Damned Smart!

Ellen Degeneris told Hillary, “You don't have to answer their e-mail questions, They don't have a thing.” No kidding? And why IS it they “don't have a thing?” Because she has REFUSED to answer ANY questions about whether or not she VIOLATED THE LAW in what she did. And they're still treating her with "kid gloves." If she is innocent, why does she REFUSE to answer questions, make light of the whole thing, and accuse her critics of “politics,” as the Clintons always do when questioned about their criminal acts. When Bill got caught getting blow jobs in the Oval Office, she talked about “bimbo eruptions” and blamed the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which exists only in her fevered imagination. If she doesn't answer some of these questions, she may end up in PRISON, not the White House.

SCARE OFF RECRUITS? Liberals (wussies all) say that “Armed recruiters might scare off recruits.” Really? If the sight of a gun on the hip of a recruiter would scare them off, we don't want them. If they're that skittish, they have no business BEING in the military. That's the typical liberal response to self-defense. Take the wimp side. They do that everywhere except for responding to their critics. Then they lie, and do everything they can to spike criticism. Nobody should ever listen to their whining. They don't count.

DELUSIONS OF CENTRISM: I don't know of a single liberal who will admit to BEING liberal. They all claim to be “moderates” while the ideas they espouse could not be more extreme. Hillary is no different. She is a “dedicated socialist,” but she still claims to be a “moderate.” There is NOTHING moderate about that. This bi....witch is extreme in everything she preaches, from extreme gun control to socialistic finances. Don't “buy” her claims to be “moderate.” She's about as moderate as a gun in your face.

NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING”: That's what NPR says about the many videos that have come out about Planned Parenthood. I guess they have a different idea of what “evidence” is, or they're just DELUDED. Probably the latter, rather than the former. Anybody who can look at those videos and NOT SEE “evidence of wrongdoing” is not only deluded, but is STUPID, as well. Liberals,(which describes ALL at NPR) are INCAPABLE of seeing “wrongdoing” in anything another liberal does.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Sarah Palin referred to the “Black Lives Matter” crowd as “dogs,” and that p-ssed them off mightily. I don't much like it, either because I don't like to insult dogs. Better she should have called them “pigs,” which would have angered them even more, since that's what they call the cops. A more proper name for them would be CRIMINALS, which is what they unquestionably are, since they're trying to get cops killed. They should be in PRISON. They get mad when you say, “ALL lives matter.” which shows their ignorance. Again.

SHE CAN'T EXPLAIN DIFFERENCE: Debby Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, has been asked several times to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists, and she won't answer. She always avoids the question. That's because she CAN'T ANSWER. There IS no difference! And to give a coherent answer would be to ADMIT that the Democrats are SOCIALISTS, and always have been. That's one of the main problems for us.

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