Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Christian Sharia Law"

That's an obvious contradiction in terms. Sharia can NOT be Christian and Christian can NEVER be Sharia. Sharia is concept ONLY to Islam. If you believe in it, you ARE a Muslim, even if you think you are not. Damn, it amazes me how some people can TWIST the language into a pretzel for their own purposes! Sharia Law has NO BUSINESS being used ANYWHERE in America. Not even for Muslims, who need to ASSIMILATE, not change our values and practices, as they constantly try to do. It is a Muslim concept, and this is a CHRISTIAN nation, although that is not codified in law, according to our Constitution.

TRUMP DROPS 8 POINTS: And liberals (and some Republicans) are “dancing in the streets,” although he is STILL leading by many points, then “surging” second place, who is still in the teens while he has a “2” before his number. I'm not surprised Fiorina is “surging,” because she's a good candidate, and a strong one. But I look for Trump to continue to lead, because he IS “Real.” Candidates go up and down. And it's really too early to read much into it. I expect before this is seen, for things to change.

ACCUSING THEMSELVES: The Democrats are making a “big thing” of Dr. Ben Carson (Republican presidential candidate) saying he would not like to see a Muslim as president. They're calling that “racist.” Funny. This comes from DEMOCRATS, who said the same thing about Evangelical Christians and Catholics in the past. That's their “modus operandi,” accusing others of what they' themselves have done in the past, hoping we'll forget what THEY did. Just like they accuse Republicans of being racist, when the worst racists in political history are Democrats, while Republicans fought for racial equality many times.

COMMUNISM “NOT IN PICTURE”: People who speak up for the Pope favoring communism over the free market say, “communism is not in the picture, any more.” How stupid are they? Communism is “alive and well” in china, Cuba, and many other countries, both under the communist name and other names. In Russia, where it “died,” the SAME PEOPLE are running their SOCIALIST government. Communism and socialism are just different forms of COLLECTIVISM. They're the SAME THING, with “cosmetic differences.”

WHY DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD? Jail 'em! They're guilty of mass murder! Yes, it's “only” infant children they murder. People accused returning vets from Vietnam of being “baby killers,” and now the SAME PEOPLE ARE “baby killers.” Why aren't they in PRISON? Because liberals are “in charge.” I can't understand how some Republicans can go along with it. Are they so “cowed” that they'll forgive mass murder?

CAIR: CARSON WITHDRAW: CAIR wants Carson to withdraw because of his statement about not being willing to support a Muslim president. What? Who cares what CAIR wants? What Carson said was NOT racism, it was COMMON SENSE. You don't want a president with different values than those of most Americans, as we have now. It's that simple. And CAIR represents the Islamic terrorists in America, as does Obama, so why would ANYBODY listen to them, much less do as they want to “order” them to do?

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