Sunday, September 6, 2015

PC Gone Stupid

On university campuses now people can't use the words, “illegal immigrants,” “male,” or “female.” Damn! How STUPID is that? That's going to make it hard to figure out who gets to sleep with whom. But maybe that's the whole point. I'm getting sick of this PC thing. All it is, is a way to censor people so they can't criticize liberals. That's very helpful to liberals, who mostly have no cogent arguments, since all their opinions are not only strange, but are stupid, as well. If a liberal tries to convince me of something, I just laugh and walk away. There's no arguing with a fool who knows nothing and thinks he knows everything.

DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE IN 2020: Democrats are very excited after Kanye West announced he was running for president in 2020. They have nobody else to run that has any name recognition, whatever. They're so desperate, they'd run GARFIELD if he could legally run. I guess they figure they either aren't going to win the 2016 election (true) or that the Democrat who does win will do such a crappy job nobody will want him/her to run again. For my part, the idea of Kanye West being president is such a laugher I forget how tragic it would be if somebody so STUPID ever became president. But then, all the recent Democrat presidents are that stupid. Well maybe not THAT stupid, but close.

DUMB, DUMBER, DUMBEST: I hear Hillary doesn't know if she has a WiFi and would like to know how to find out. And she likes her new “hPad.” It is this kind i=of ignorance that personifies Democrats. Meanwhile, they think their “sh-t doesn't stink” while the smell is overwhelming—and you don't even have to get close to them to smell it. You can smell it everywhere a Democrat runs things. Like Detroit; or Chicago; or Washington, DC. They've run things in those, and many other cities, including the federal government, and they're ALL going broke and have towering crime stats.

93% NOT MILITANT? I don't think so. Some conservatives (and ALL liberals) think something like 93% of Muslims aren't militant. I think otherwise. Just because they haven't yet “come out” and done something violent toward “unbelievers” doesn't mean they aren't a “simmering pot” of resentment and hatred. Just do something, anything that irritates them and find out. They are TAUGHT by their religion to hate and wish to KILL “unbelievers.” That some of them haven't yet acted on that doesn't mean they won't, in the future just as soon as they think they're strong enough.It's so impossible to figure out which ones ARE militant until they DO something, you have to beware of all of them.

GREAT SOCIALIST MOMENTS: That's the title of a new book out. It only has one page, and that's blank, except for the writer's name (and I think that's phony). There's another one coming out soon,. It's name is “Obama's Greatest Accomplishments.” It doesn't even have any pages. The cover is a mirror so Obama can admire his reflection when he looks at it. Another is Hillary's “The Art of E-Mail Deleting.” Since she's an international authority on that, this book is a real “tome,” having 1,000 plus pages. Another is “Gaffes I Have Made,” by Joe Biden. That's another book with a lot of pages.

ONLY “WHITE EVIL”: That's what the left sees. Of course, they're supporting Obama's drive to get a race war started to give him an excuse to declare martial law and postpone (indefinitely) the 2016 elections and stay in office as long as he can stretch it. Of course, Obama doesn't have to do much to get them to support his nefarious schemes. They way they look at it, If Obama wants it, they want it, too. They're stupid that way (and many others). That they are destroying this country, they don't know. Or even care. As long as Democrats win elections, by hook or crook. People are going to die, but they don't care about that.

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