Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary: "No Classified E-Mails!"

Just now, I heard a Hillary apologist on Fox emphatically insist that Hillary NEVER sent, or received any classified e-mails. How do we know that? Cuz' Hillary SAID SO, that's how! And we all know what a “paragon of truth Hillary is (sic), don't we? Hillary is exceeded in her lying, only by Obama, who is the “king of liars.” Both of them would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. So why should we believe ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth? Unless she's throwing up.

STEWART AGREES WITH BAKERS: Actor Patrick Stewart, himself openly gay, of “Star Trek” fame, APPROVES of the right of bakers NOT to bake a cake carrying the words, “I support Gay Marriage” on it because of their religious convictions. This is a lot different from restaurants in the past refusing to serve people because they were black, and couldn't do anything about that. In this case, gay is a CHOICE, and people have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT not to help promote something for which they hold DEEP religious convictions against. Even being gay, Stewart realizes their right to do so, even if one court does not.

EXPLOSION OF TRANSGENDERS: There's going to be an “explosion of transgenders” among illegal aliens soon because of this stupid, silly judge's decision. She decided that an illegal alien who came into her court could not be deported because he/she was a “transgender.” We're really finding out how many stupid people Obama has appointed to his courts now, as they make their stupid decisions that affect all of us, and are WRONG. This decision is not constitutional, but this judge doesn't care. She “feels the power.” He asked for sanctuary because he figured he'd be tortured if he was returned to Mexico, This guy didn't have to go back as a transgender. He could revert to his male status and be left alone.

HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON! “Nation of Islam “leader” “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan has openly said he wants to “recruit 10,000” black men to kill people. That sounds worse that hollering, “fire!” in a crowded theater, which is the basic reason to charge somebody with exceeding constitutional protections for free speech. He's calling for MURDER! That should get him at least ten years in the slam for fomenting violence. But, under Obama, will it? Doubtful. He's “doing Obama's work” with this. Obama wants a race war, and he's working hard to start one. The "fix is in!"

SOLUTION ALWAYS THE SAME: Back in the seventies, politicians were decrying what they thought was “global cooling.” But that was soon disproved by FACTS, Then the same people took up the campaign against “global WARMING.” The “solution back then to “global cooling” was massive government control over everything. Then when it became “global warming” (and when that was disproved by the fact the globe has NOT been “warming for many years) it mysteriously became “climate change,” which COULDN'T be disproved (or proven, except for computer models, which depend on the info input). The solution the politicians put forth was, surprise, surprise, “complete government control over everything.” There's something inherently suspicious about that. It's funny how the solution is always “complete government control over everything.”

TEACHING ISLAM: What the hell this Tennessee teacher is thinking, I don't know. She SAYS teaching about religion is part of the curriculum. But she opted NOT to teach about Christianity, the dominant religion in this country, but instead spend THREE WEEKS teaching about Islam, at one time forcing students to WRITE DOWN, the phrase, “Allah is the only God,” which is not only NOT true, it is a abomination for a Christian to say or write. Again, what her reason is, is to ELIMINATE CHRISTIANITY, I don't know. Maybe she's a “closet Muslim. Whatever, she should not be allowed to force children to learn these things to the exclusion of something else.

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