Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Can't Beat "The Man"

And there's a good reason for that. They've already scammed so much money from us they have a “bottomless source of money” with which to hire lawyers to overpower us in their own courts, using judges THEY appointed. “If you publicly call out our government they will use infinite financial and manpower resources with unlimited time in the courts to break your spirit and your bank,” [Former ATF Agent and whistleblower, Jay] Dobyns explained to this column. “They don’t win against us on truth or justice. They win because they get challengers to give up or go bankrupt.” (David Codrea/The Truth About Guns). They don't beat you in court, they just outlast you. They keep throwing things at you until you run out of money and give up.

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP: I'm bored. So is everybody else. Even the liberal media (who else) are bored with the “drip, drip, drip of the release of a few Hillary e-mails every once in a while. I think that's her plan—to “bore us to death” with the e-mail scandal while we ignore all her other more serious crimes, like allowing four embassy personnel , including an AMBASSADOR to be murdered in Benghazi while she REFUSED to send help. Or her “LOSING” $6 billion DOLLARS while in office—a scandal that has not even been TALKED about, after the short ripple when it was found out. Her list of scandals is endless, but she has escaped punishment for ALL of it by boring us to death.

HILLARY APPLAUDS SISTERS: For “passing” Obamacare. I wonder, did they “wipe” after “passing it?” Hillary is well known to be a good “wiper.” Are the Sisters as good as she is at “wiping” after “:passing” things? If the Sisters are in favor of Obamacare, they aren't too bright. But then, neither is Hillary very high on the “brightness scale.” Anybody who favors this “power grab” that is RUINING our medical system isn't too smart, anyway. But then, stupid people are too stupid to know they ARE stupid.

READY FOR SOCIALISM? That's the question being asked by some in the media, as self-admitted socialist Bernie Sanders draws even with “closeted” socialist Hillary.. The answer should be, NO! A thousand times NO! Socialism, in all it's forms, including it's base. “collectivism,' communism, Fascism, Progressivism, etc., IS A simple blueprint for THIEVERY from the producers of new wealth, for the benefit of non-producers. Their very motto tells the tale: 'FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEED,” Making “need” a demand on the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to earn. It's a way of TAKING (stealing) the products of producers and giving them to those who produce NOTHING.

WE'LL CREEP UP ON YOU”: Armed members of the Black Panthers marched in Texas, saying, “We'll creep up on you in the darkness and kill you.” Right. That's probably the best way for Black Panthers to die. Do they really think the cops won't be SUPER sensitive to their surroundings now that war has been declared on them by murderous fools? Yes, they might be able to kill a few cops who just don't believe their rhetoric, but they haven't run into the “hard-core” cops yet. And when they do, THEY'LL die. And good riddance. And why aren't these people in prison?

YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION”: A group of “Young Americans for Liberty” wanted to set up a stand to give out FREE copies of the Constitution. I guess their university doesn't want people to learn about the origins of this country. They want these people come to one of their bureaucrats, hat in hand, tugging his forelock, and beg for permission to exercise a constitutional right. I guess maybe they need to get a copy of the Constitution (I know where they can find one) and actually READ it. They might learn something. Oh: I forgot. To learn something on a university campus costs a LOT of money, so they can't do that. I'd tell them to “screw off.” And if they wanted to expel me, I'd DEMAND my money back, or stay right where I was.

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