Saturday, September 26, 2015

Enough, Already!

It's okay to report on the visit of the Pope. But it's not okay for the news media to go “wall-to-wall” on it for THREE DAYS. For three days it has been, “all Pope, all the time.” For most of the first two days, they didn't even stop to run commercials. The “bean-counters” must have been losing their minds. They're still “wall-to-wall Pope” as I write this, on Saturday, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. They tend to be excessive on the “flavor of the day,” anyway. But I've never seen it this bad. Enough, already! Let the poor guy alone! Let ME alone!

THEY WANT IT ALL: Ignorant gay activists want Kim Davis' scalp to hang on their wall. They got what they originally wanted, and her office issued them ”marriage licenses” without her signature after she went to jail for refusing, that the governor confirmed were legal. But they want more. They want her to follow their ORDERS. They want to FORCE her to reissue the licenses with her signature on them, and want the court to order her to do so or vacate her position. I predict she will tell them to “stick it.” Of course, they might enjoy that too much. In any case, I suspect she has beliefs that are stronger than anything they can bring against her. They need to be jailed for harassing her.

ARE THEY STUPID? Are these people stupid, or what? Global Warming (or whatever Gore calls it today to better fool us) has been thoroughly discredited in so many ways there is no way they aren't aware of it. The best way is simply the fact that the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for more than fifteen years! Warming and cooling of the globe is CYCLICAL and cannot be affected (for good or bad) by man.But the believers in the Global Warming Religion (including Gore, Obama, and even the Pope) ignore facts. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Are they stupid, or what?

IS THAT A TRICK QUESTION? “Would you go for big government, or a return to respecting the Constitution?” Is that a “trick question, or what?  Big government inevitably takes away our rights. Constitutionality RESPECTS them. So why is that question even seriously asked? Damn, there are some stupid people out there. Mostly liberals. But some conservatives, too. Why would ANYBODY choose something that takes away his rights instead of something that CONSERVES them?

WE'RE TAKING OVER”: That's the message given to the NJ School Board when a Muslim told them, “We will be in the majority soon.” Thus revealing their “master plan” to take us over by force of NUMBERS, not force of arms, thereby using one of our most obvious weaknesses. They plan on outnumbering us and taking us over that way without firing a shot (until AFTER they take over). They're coming here by the thousands, some whose way is being paid by Obama. And they breed like rabbits. That's easy to beat, if we can just get some INTELLIGENT lawmakers in office who will BAN Muslims from ever being able to vote, therefore making their numbers useless.

BANNING CASH: Little by little, state by state, they're making laws that will make using cash illegal. In Louisiana, they just missed passing a law that would have accomplished that. In one place, a guy tried to pay his mortgage in cash at Bank of America, and he got arrested. The government wants to FORCE us to use credit cards or debit cards, so they can keep track of our spending. When we use cash for everything (as I do), they can't trace everything we buy, legal or illegal. I'm damned glad that at age 78, I won't be around to live under such tyranny for long (I hope so, anyway).

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