Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Ambassador" Caroline Kennedy

Why is there an “Ambassador Caroline Kennedy? What possible qualifications could this woman have to BE an ambassador? That she is, is proof positive that ambassador positions are handed out like candy to people who are favored by the “elite class.” This is also the reason why Michelle Obama is “considering” a run for president in her own right in 2016. The manipulation of the electorate is obvious here. It isn't what you've done, or what you're capable of that counts, it's “who you are.” And the electorate will “go along with it” because too may of them are completely ignorant, through “not paying attention to politics.” This is how we got George Wallace's wife as governor of Alabama one time. With the GULLIBILITY of the electorate.

CONGRESS NEEDS TERM LIMITS: Congress limited the president to two terms because they thought long tenure was an impediment to good government, as politicians in office for a long time feel like they are “entitled” and “all-powerful.” But apparently, that doesn't apply to congresspeople themselves, some of whom are in their twelfth of fifteenth term. That's where the REAL impediment to good government is, congress members who have been there FOREVER. They need to be "rousted out of there."

BUT THE VICTIMS WERE WHITE! The liberal media is conflicted. should they criticize the killer of those newspeople in Virginia? Or should they not, because the killer was black? It's a real problem for them. To report it at all violates their agenda to only show WHITES as being “the bad guy.” And it doesn't occur to them that this guy was doing exactly what Obama wants when he PROMOTES black hatred of whites so he can get his race war started, allowing him to declare martial law on America, and “take over” completely.

WAS IT “THE GUNS?” Liberals are saying “it was the guns” that were responsible for the killings in Ferguson, MO. How stupid do they think we ARE? It wasn't the guns, it was the PEOPLE holding the guns that were responsible! Without a PERSON holding the guns, they are HARMLESS. And most of the guns that are used to victimize people are ILLEGALLY owned. Which means NO amount of lawmaking could have stopped their use in crimes. But then, liberals aren't smart enough to know that. They're LIBERALS, after all.

GUNS READILY AVAILABLE”: Hillary (and other anti-gun fools) say that “If guns weren't so readily available there'd be fewer killings. ” What a bunch of horse manure! If there weren't guns, those who wanted to kill would just find something else to kill with. Before guns were knives and swords. Back in “cave-man” days, it was clubs. But nobody ever suggested making clubs less easily available. Maybe they were smarter back then. At one time, everybody carried some kind of a blade. You can't stop the killing by getting rid of the TOOL. Only by getting rid of the killers.

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