Monday, September 28, 2015

Sharia Superceding Constitution?

The question asked is this: “Should the American Constitution be superseded by Sharia Law? That question is asked of Muslims, all the time (including “peaceful Muslims”). Their answer is universally, “Yes.” Why, I can't figure out, unless they are so thoroughly brainwashed, they don't know any better. That's probably it. People ask why they “flee the oppression of Muslim countries, then try to make this country into what they fled?” The answer is, they didn't “flee.” They came here to make as much trouble as they can for us until they've bred enough to outnumber us. That's when the REAL “takeover” will begin, without a shot being fired. Obama is helping.

ACCEPTING IMMIGRANTS”: The Pope is “urging America to 'accept immigrants,' as if we did NOT do so.” This is a COUNTRY of immigrants. We have a PROUD HISTORY of accepting immigrants! I don't know what the HELL he is talking about! What we will not accept is a horde of ILLEGAL immigrants who come here wanting to take advantage of our welfare system, or undermine our institutions and practices while breeding millions of subversives to kill as many “Infidels” as possible. Those, we don't want any part of, and no amount of admonishing by the Pope will make us do so.

REID “MOURNS” BOEHNER'S LEAVING”: And it's not surprising. He knows the next guy in that office might just not be so ”easy.” I've noticed an “outpouring” of “nice words” for Boehner, mostly on the part of Democrats, for the same reason. They knew that as long as Boehner was there, they could still get their agenda promoted. A new guy will probably not be so easily led. It's very suspicious to me when Democrats PRAISE their opposition, any time. Republicans, (except for the RINOS) probably don't agree. I haven't heard much from them on the subject.

THE WORST CHOICE: Hillary is the worst possible choice to be president of the United States. She's a lying coward who let Bill walk all over her. She allowed Islamic terrorists to KILL four of her embassy people, including an AMBASSADOR while she sipped champagne in comfort and refused to send help, lying that they couldn't get there fast enough, when she knew they could. She has lied consistently about her “e-mail scandal” and is now being found out, for real. So she's changing her story, again. She must have made Obama mad, because it looks like it's for real, this time. It looks like Obama is “throwing her under the bus,” as he has done to many who displeased him. She just MIGHT end up in prison, not the White House.

DREAM ON, SAN FRAN: The headline says, “Gun Violence to End in San Francisco After Last Gun Store Closes.” (It's probably moving to a city close by where the politicians are more intelligent). That's what the anti-gun fools think, anyway. I'll be watching the news reports in the next few weeks and months to see just how damned STUPID and naive this is. The guns we have to worry about are in the hands of CRIMINALS, who obey NO LAWS and get their guns illegally so they can't be easily traced to them.

CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD! I saw a headline somewhere that said, “Chivalry, and manners, are truly dead.” I disagree It's only dead for people whose parents never taught them respect, or if they did, they weren't paying attention Many women are really at fault, when they give a man a dirty look when he holds a door open for them. That tends to discourage a man from BEING chivalrous. My mother taught me to BE chivalrous, and I still am, at 78. That's the way I am, and I'll never apologize for it. Only total damned fools would,

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