Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Muslim President?

Liberals are asking, “What difference would it make if we had a Muslim president?” What the hell are they talking about? We DO have a Muslim president, NOW. If not a true Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer. And it looks like a Muslim TERRORIST sympathizer, the way he keeps releasing those Muslim killers to go back and kill more innocent people. The difference it would make is how he views the world and how he could mess us up terribly with a few “presidential orders.” The Koran says there will NEVER be any oath that comes before Allah. No oaths but those of Allah A president MUST swear to “protect and defend the constitution.” A Muslim can never do that and remain true to his “religion.”

A MUSLIM FOR PRESIDENT? Dr. Ben Carson got in trouble with liberals (and ONLY liberals and a few spineless Republicans, but who cares what THEY think?) when he stated that he would never support a MUSLIM for president. He clarified it later when he said he could support one if that one had the same MORAL basics as the rest of America, which is not really a change. It is “doubling down” in such a way liberals (who aren't too intelligent) cannot understand, but which INTELLIGENT people CAN. Muslims can NEVER have the same moral values as Americans. It's not “built into them.” Which is why I, and other THINKING Americans can NEVER elect a Muslim to ANYTHING. That's not racism or religious bigotry, as they claim, it's COMMON SENSE.

IT'S NO SURPRISE: It's certainly not a surprise that a decorated Green Beret would have his career ruined because he took exception to an Afghan COMMANDER screwing a little boy right in the next room from him ON BASE (from which he could hear the child's screams as the fool invaded his body) and beat the hell out of him when he laughed about it. When you consider the caliber of our current “leaders” and a country where 64% don't want to defund Planned Parenthood after discovering that they have MURDERED millions of helpless infants. And that goes right up to Obama. Anybody who APPROVES of such practices, or simply IGNORES them, deserves to be taken out and SHOT.

SHE'S A “REAL PERSON”: Hillary says, “I'm a real person!” So what? That's no stupendous revelation. We're ALL “real persons.” Again, so what? But she's a SOCIALIST. Her every PRONOUNCEMENT shows she's a socialist, from her wish to pay for everybody's overpriced college tuition (with OUR money) to “taxing the rich” at higher rates. All are SOCIALIST pipe-dreams, and she not only BUYS this horse manure, she PUSHES it! Electing her would be a THIRD TERM for Obama under her name. Bernie Sanders at least ADMITS to being a socialist. She tries to LIE about it and pretend she's not.

NEW YORKERS ARE A LITTLE SLOW: They have only just now changed their minds about their “heroine,” Hillary Clinton. A newly released Siena College poll reveals that 51% now DISLIKE Hillary. Ol' Joe is a bit more popular with New Yorkers, getting a 54% approval rating (so far), As people get to know him better, that may change. One of the most important reasons for their newly-found disapproval for her is her inherent UNTRUSTWORTHINESS as she continues to “dance around” and obfuscate her e-mail scandal. Of course, Benghazi should be in the forefront, but most New Yorkers are liberals, who don't care about that.

NO APOLOGIES, PLEASE: Liberals are demanding an apology from the University of Delaware for “jumping to a conclusion that hooks suspended from ropes were for “nooses,” which would be a racist display. Who the hell cares what liberals want? They're the only ones demanding apology for natural occurrences. It's easy to think such things are racist, since most ARE. And no apology is required. Liberals, like Muslims, are quick to jump on things THEY consider “offensive,” but nobody else does.

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