Sunday, September 13, 2015

No Audit Since Ike

The gold reserves at Ft. Knox might not even exist, any more. They may have been stolen by their protectors. But we'll never know if there is not an AUDIT, AND soon. They haven't ALLOWED an audit since the Eisenhower administration. And under what authority do they DENY an audit? Why not? If everything is on the “up and up,” why the hell won't they ALLOW an audit? If the gold is still there, why won't they allow an audit? What kind of a law allows them to REFUSE an audit of this nation's gold reserves? U. S. Marshals need to go in there with guns drawn, if necessary and FORCE an audit.

ONLY BECAUSE HE'S BLACK: Geraldo Rivera, one of the liberals on Fox News, says, “the only reason Dr. Ben Carson has any support is because he's black. Why then, does OBAMA have no longer much in the way of support? (Except from the Democrat Party?) Could it be because he's LOOTED this government with no mercy? Maybe Carson is supported because he says what we all think and isn't afraid to say it to Obama's FACE. Did Geraldo ever think of that? I don't know how the members of “The Five” can sit at the same table with this FOOL.

BLACK LIVES MATTER?” If black lives mattered so much to black people, why do they kill each other so much? There are way many more black people killed by other black people than by white cops. And why aren't they picketing in front of Planned Parenthood, which is murdering black babies by the hundreds and thousands? Or don't they admit that because it doesn't advance their narrative? Their entire promotion falls apart when you examine the details. Meanwhile, denying that ALL lives matter is rather STUPID of them, isn't it? But then, they're not smart enough to know that.

WAL-MART NEEDS A LESSON: A lesson in reality. An AR-15 or a semi-automatic shotgun is a LEGAL PRODUCT. You can't stop people from getting one by stopping selling them in YOUR store. They'll just go somewhere else. Not only to buy one, but to buy everything else they might buy in your store, as well. At one time I thought Wal-Mart was owned and run by conservatives, and people with INTELLIGENCE. I guess that's no more. They've now “bought” the liberal horse manure about guns. I'll be staying away from their stores. You do what you want.

$40,000 FILING FEE? At least one state has a $40,000 filing fee to file to run for president. That's an abomination. That means nobody who doesn't have a lot of money can even FILE to run for president in that state. I've always held that ANY filing fee should be eliminated so ANYBODY could run. But not with today's politicians. They want to eliminate competition any way they can. There's no way ANY such high filing fee can be justified, except to provide an IMPEDIMENT to filing to run.

AND THEY CALL US BARBARIC: Islamic militants kidnap women by the hundreds, every day, and subject them to sex slavery, putting them into “whorehouses” to “service the fighters to raise their morale.” If the women refuse, they are murdered, sometimes by the hundreds. Even though some of them are pregnant. That may be the Jihadi's method of abortion, an abomination to which WE adhere. Recently a “Jihad leader” got his comeuppance when one such woman KILLED him when he tried tom rape her. Of course, she was then murdered, but didn't have to submit to being raped.

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