Friday, September 18, 2015

Nails In Her Coffin

As if there were not enough reasons NOT to elect Hillary to the presidency, word is she is considering Bill as her vice-president (if she gets elected, which is becoming a distant possibility). Doesn't she KNOW we're fed up with Bill in the White House? Can't she figure out how heavy a “stone around her neck” he is? Nobody who is intelligent will never let Bill within a MILE of the White House again. Unfortunately there are still some really STUPID politicians out there, and most of them are Democrats. If Bill gets back in the White House, he'll make a REAL whorehouse out of it. He almost made it before.

PRAY AND YOU DIE”: That's what Muslim terrorists are telling Christians who pay their “Jizya” (religion tax) in the areas they have taken over and now control. That's one of 11 new “rules” they must obey, or die. What Muslims don't know is that Christians don't need to get down with their butts in the air to pray as Muslims do. They can pray (silently) while sitting in a chair or standing in line somewhere. So that “rule” is impossible to enforce, except in an area where laws don't apply, only the “Rule of a Gun.” But you can't enforce it if you don't know what they're doing. But they only make such “rules” so they can kill people and CLAIM a “Righteous reason.”

OBAMA IMPORTING MUSLIM SOLDIERS: He calls them “refugees,” but they're not. Most of them are young, strong, war age men who probably bring their own guns with them, or have some waiting for them when they arrive, so as to be well equipped to kill as many of us “unbelievevers” as possible. There are 190 cities that are being FORCED to take these soldiers in whether they want to, or not (under what law, I don't know). I predict a Muslim massacre will begin soon, with Obama's blessing. And, “since there will be a gun behind every blade of grass,” many Muslim terrorists will die and get their 72 virgins.

FOUNDED ON RACIST PRINCIPLES? Bernie Sanders says America was FOUNDED on racist principles.” then he adds, ”That's a fact.” No, Bernie, that's NOT a fact, no matter how much you want us to believe it is. It's YOUR OPINION. nothing more, and that opinion isn't worth much. About as much as your chance of becoming president. This is NOT a socialist country, Bernie, and you are an ADMITTED socialist. Which means you CAN'T be elected to ANY national office. Not unless the American voter is completely STUPID.

N. KOREA THREATENS US? How STUPID are they? They might have SIX nuclear bombs, and MIGHT be able to reach Hawaii with one—if it can get by our anti-missile defenses. Compare that with the THOUSANDS of nuclear warheads we have, plus the means to put one right in that fat little dictator's lap. Then go on to make a parking lot out of N. Korea, in about a day. I don't think they are suicidal. I think they're just yapping to remind the world they ARE a “nuclear power”--just barely. Somebody needs to take that pot-bellied little dictator down a peg or two. And it could be done, easily.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Muslims are “outraged” after a Texas city denied them permission to introduce Sharia Law in Irving, Texas. If it had been allowed, they'd have been cutting off people's hands for thievery, prosecuting women for showing their ankles, and the usual things Muslims do to each other (like fathers or sons killing daughters for speaking to the wrong boy) as they treat their women like slaves and give their men preferential treatment in all things regarding their women—among many other outrages. Besides, letting them get a “foothold” in Texas is like the “camel's nose in the tent.” Soon, Sharia Law would be everywhere, using this as a precedent.

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