Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's All She's Got

Hillary Clinton refuses to answer logical questions about all the myriad scandals that are attached to her. Instead, she compares Republicans to terrorists. And even then, she can't seem to call them ISLAMIC terrorists, because of Obama's orders not to. Even though there is no love lost between them, she finds it necessary not to disobey his orders because he can still put the quietus to her career in the overall. She has nothing to which she can point as an accomplishment, so all she can do is “cast aspersions” against her opponents. It ain't agonna work, Hil!

THIS COUNTRY'S GOING TO HELL: And Obama is helping. He refuses to recognize the fact that we are at WAR with Islamic terrorism. We didn't start it, but we should be able to FINISH it But we can't win if we don't even admit we ARE at war, or even call it what it is!. A war THEY started and are pursuing to this day, growing stronger every day. Meanwhile there is a “black supremacy” war against COPS! A war Obama supports by words and actions. Our economy is going “down the tubes” after Obama spent more money than there IS! More than ALL previous presidents put together. And he wants to spend even more. He IGNORES the Constitution with impunity. Something for which he SHOULD be punished. There's a lot more but I don't have room here.

LIBERAL MEGYN KELLY: I think Megyn Kelly is now showing her true colors when she moved to CNN from Fox, where she was finding spectacular success. The question she asked Trump at the debates was one a liberal would ask. So was the one she asked Ted Cruz. I guess she just found it too hard to mask her liberal leanings at Fox. It will be a lot easier for her at CNN, at which almost EVERYBODY is liberal. I wasn't surprised when she loudly farted on the air. I guess it was her liberalism trying to get out of the nearest orifice to it's home.

CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT? Some activists are campaigning for the end of the death sentence in America. They call it “cruel and unusual punishment.” But is it? The murderers who are sentenced to death used “cruel and unusual punishment” on their VICTIMS. To put them to death humanely does NOT equal what they did to their victims. I think they should be killed the same way they killed their victim(s). In any case, in California, at least, more people condemned to death have died of OLD AGE than anything else. And it's pretty much the same, elsewhere.

HIDING HIS CRIMES: Obama has renamed Mt. McKinley. Why did he go out of his way to do that right now? Because while we cuss and discuss his renaming it, we aren't talking about his other crimes, OR Hillary's. And similarly, we're not paying attention to Trump. It works for him on several levels. That's why he does many things that are guaranteed to cause controversy, but not much else. People will cry and whine about “insulting” McKinley, but what can they do? And while they're doing it, they aren't talking about his REAL crimes.

AS USUAL, HE LIES: Obama says there's “not a smidgen of evidence I'm antisemitic.” There may not be a “smidgen of evidence,” but there is OVERWHELMING evidence in what he DOES. Like always when he says something, it's a lie, and self-serving. Obama doesn't know HOW to tell the truth. It isn't IN him. How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. Every word out of this fool's mouth is a lie, as is everything he puts down on paper. On Obamacare, he told us we could keep our doctors and our insurance, and that Obamacare would cut insurance rates in half, KNOWING at the time he said it, it was a LIE. I hope he never tells us he will leave office on January 20, 2017, because that will be a lie, too.

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