Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's Wrong With Republicans?

They've been given the biggest gift they could have gotten—somebody forceful enough and smart enough that he could win, Donald Trump. But for that reason alone, they hate him. They're doing everything they can to scuttle him (and themselves) and losing at every turn. Now they're even considering another Romney run—this time on a THIRD PARTY basis. A known loser, set up not only to LOSE, but to GUARANTEE a Democrat win. How stupid ARE they? Pretty stupid, I guess. They consistently run “also-rans,” and they're attempting it, again. But I suspect Trump will be able to overcome whatever they come up with. He's a lot smarter than anybody in the Republican Party.

MEANS TEST FOR WELFARE: Maine is considering a “means test” for getting welfare in their state. That makes me wonder why they waited until NOW to wake up to that. Every state should require a “means test” before they give ANYBODY a nickle. But our incompetent politicians didn't think of that—until now, in Maine. I'm sure liberals (Democrats) will oppose it. They always oppose ANYTHING that will make it harder for the freeloaders to con the state out of more of our money. Just like they want to keep them from requiring photo ID to VOTE, the most important thing they can do, and not do it more than once.

BLACK LIVES MATTER, HUH? Then why aren't they joining the usual gaggle of anti-abortion demonstrators in front of abortion centers? Or at Planned Parenthood “clinics?” Abortion is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of blacks in the world since the Supreme court's misguided reading of the Constitution. And Planned Parenthood leads all other organizations in the number of black babies they murder. Their “clinics” are placed in the middle of black areas mostly, all the better to make it easier for black women (all women) to kill the result of unprotected sex.

IT'S NOT “SELF-EVIDENT!” Chris Christie says it is “self-evident” that Obama is both an American-born man, and a Christian. It is this kind of self-delusion That makes me wonder if the Republican Party will go in the same direction as the Whigs, and soon disappear from sight. The fact is, it's NOT self-evident he is an American-born citizen, OR that he is a Christian. He has gone to great lengths to HIDE his origin, and has, HIMSELF, spoken of his “Muslim faith,” in a “Freudian slip that a Democrat apparatchik quickly helped him correct. Meanwhile, he HELPS the Islamic terrorists any way he can on a regular basis. I will certainly not be voting for Christie if he's dumb enough to believe that.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? Liberals ask, “What's wrong with Obama being a Muslim?” The answer is simple. There's nothing wrong with Obama BEING a Muslim. What's wrong is that he tries to hide it. So why does he work so hard to HIDE it? If he didn't keep insisting he's a Christian while “ruling” in favor of Muslims every time he gets a chance, and paying their way here to overwhelm us with numbers, I might believe him. I think his ACTIONS speak a lot louder than his words, which are usually a lie.

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED: Trump didn't “rush to Obama's defense when somebody said Obama was a Muslim. But who cares what a liberal thinks, anyway? It's hot the job of a Republican to come to the defense of a Democrat who is systematically destroying this country. Tell them to “stick it where they sit.” To find a REAL thing to holler about. If you don't have something REAL to complain about, just shut up!

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