Friday, September 25, 2015

Homophobia A Mental Disorder?

Bwwaahhaahhaa! Thanks. I needed a good belly laugh! That's what gays are calling it when ANYBODY is against being gay, or against ANYTHING gays want us to “knuckle under” and accept. Boy, it must be nice to be able to declare ANY opposition to your opinions a mental disorder, or something like that. Of course, that doesn't make it so. The very WORD “homophobia” is a “made-up term” and is phony, to begin with. I have nothing against what gays do to each other behind closed doors, but I'm solidly AGAINST them insisting I APPROVE of it. They can stick it where they sit—but they might enjoy that, too much.

VETOING ANTI-MURDER BILL: There shouldn't be a need for making a law against killing babies in and out of the womb, but Congress is trying to make one. And Obama is promising to VETO it. Which pretty much tells me Obama is IN FAVOR of the bloody murder of infants before they've even had a chance at life. For this reason alone, he should not only be impeached and removed from office, but imprisoned and subjected to the death penalty. Anybody who FAVORS killing infants should get similar treatment. That includes the Supreme court members who misread the Constitution to start this atrocity.

EXCLUDING MUSLIMS: Ted Cruz says “Excluding Muslims from the presidency is unconstitutional. And he's right. It IS. But refusing to vote for a Muslim is NOT, and that's what Ben Carson is saying. No, you can't ban a Muslim from running for president, by law. But the PEOPLE have the right to do that. And, if they're smart, they will. Unfortunately, many of them are NOT smart. They pay no attention to politics, and they vote, anyway. That is unproductive, and WRONG!.

PUNISH THE WHISTLEBLOWER! That's what Obama wants to do. There have been many lawsuits filed against Medical Progress founder David Daleiden for exposing the “mass murder” of infants conducted by Planned Parenthood. What a fantastic turnaround that is! Punishing the one who exposes mass murder! While protecting the mass murderers! And that is our PRESIDENT who wants to do that! How stupid and incompetent he is! Anybody who APPROVES of the mass murder of infants should be imprisoned, and subjected to the death penalty, himself, not be in a position to punish the “good guy” who exposed the crimes.

WHAT PART OF “NO LAW”: What part of “no law regarding religion or the practice thereof" do you not understand? That's the ONLY MENTION of religion in the Constitution. The only mention of the “separation of church and state” came in a letter from one Founder to another. It DOES NOT appear in then Constitution. Atheists want us to think we need to remove ALL MENTION of religion from our public schools because “it's unconstitutional.” IT'S NOT. Don't be taken in by their perverted thinking.

FBI RECOVERS E-MAILS: They just announced it. The FBI has recovered Hillary's “lost” e-mails from the server she THOUGHT was “wiped clean. So what happens now? If history is any indicator....NOTHING. The “fix is in.” They'll tell us there was nothing on there that was incriminating and that will be it. That's how Democrats protect each other. Have a bogus “investigation” that finds nothing—because they don't WANT to find anything. I wouldn't be surprised it it happened on the Republican side, too. But it's harder since the Democrats and the liberal media are “in their faces” about it, from the word, “go.” And they have regular processes in place to help them prevent being discovered with any degree of proof.

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