Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's All Horse Manure

They now say, “The far right is responsible for Boehner's resignation.” That may be right. But so what? It couldn't happen if there was only opposition to him from the left. It's when he gets opposition from his own party that counts. Opposition from the left counts for nothing. There's a saying: “If you want to get to the horizon, aim for the moon.” That's what the “far right” does. Yes, their positions might be a little bizarre. But they are bizarre in the right direction and end up leading to a REASONABLE solution.

MORE HORSE MANURE: Chris Matthews says, “GOP is pro-white, Mormon, and conservative.” He is, predictably, wrong on all counts. Where he gets that “Mormon” crap, I don't know. “Pro-white?” It has always been the Democrats who have been “pro-white,” being the very people Martin Luther King demonstrated against (which nobody seems to remember). The party that filibustered AGAINST the “equal rights amendment.” Who have more former (maybe) KKK members among their Congress members than anybody else. Conservative? Maybe. We wish it were so. Conservative isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than what we have. Brian Williams says “He had to put up with the Tea Party.” So what? The Tea Party is the best thing to come around in a long time.

TYPICAL MUSLIM: People tell the truth about them and they're accused of “twisting the truth to make Muslims look bad.” That's what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said, and he's a “Good Muslim” who LIES for them. That's all they have, to call their accusers liars, because their accusers are RIGHT. They depend on the fact that the Koran is in a foreign language and it's hard to find someone who can read it we can trust not to lie, since the Koran says it's okay to lie to advance Islam.

LIARS ORGANIZATION: We're hearing today from all the LIARS in the UN. We heard from Obama; then from the president of communist China, then Putrid....er, uh, Putin, the butcher of Russia. How many more dictators will we have to hear as the news media runs their lies, live? Damn, I get tired of listening to these fools rant! But that's what all of them (including Obama) do best, rant. I try not to hear a word any of them say to avoid polluting my brain. There sure are a bunch of FOOLS running things these days. Fools who are not good at ANYTHING but conning their way into high office.

IRAN BLAMES AMERICA: They say America's initial refusal to negotiate with Iran is responsible for ALL the “unrest in the Middle East. That's what Iran's current president says, anyway. Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!” The biggest sponsor and financier of Islamic terrorism blaming America for its crimes. What a “belly laugh” that is! If another country was their biggest enemy, I guess they would be the ones to be blamed. Damn, what stupid people are running Iran! They really think the world will believe that horse manure that slides out of their mouths! The front one, not the back one they sit on.

THE DEMOCRAT TRUMP: On Fox's “The Five,” they did a segment on Kanye West's stupidities, playing clips of many of them. Then they agreed that Kanye was the “Democrat Donald Trump.” But there's a big difference between Donald Trump and Kanye West. Trump is at least, SANE, while West has a “screw loose.” Maybe more than one screw. Maybe a whole box of screws, all of them loose. There ought to be a way to ban people who are INSANE from even RUNNING for president, because there are too many stupid people out there who would vote for them, and we'd then get a “certifiably insane president.” Frankly, I think we already have one. Everything Obama does is either INCOMPETENT, or very “competently subversive.”

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