Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trump Didn't Follow PC

One of his supporters said Obama was a Muslim (he is), and he didn't correct him. Since when is Trump supposed to do that? He doesn't KNOW whether or not Obama is a Muslim, Obama himself once talked about his “Muslim faith” before George Stephanopolous corrected his “Freudian slip” and he corrected himself to say, “Christian faith." He shows, in all he does, that, if he's not a Muslim, he is a Muslim sympathizer. And he is “waging a war against Christians” in America. What could be plainer?

RIGHT WING RACIST: To Hillary, any time you oppose her in any way, you're either part of the right-wing conspiracy, or a racist—or both. She can see no other reason for ANYBODY to oppose her, on anything, she's so self-centered. She used that “right-wing conspiracy” excuse when Bill couldn't keep it in his pants, and she's still using it, today. But this time to mask her own shortcomings. And it's just as phony now as it was, then.

GOVT. SHUTDOWN IS THE GOAL”: That's what Peelosi says, anyway. Though I can't see how she would know such a thing, even if it were so. But shutting down the government, such as it is, is no big thing, unless Obama picks and chooses just what to shut down, things guaranteed to incense voters while keeping his own options open. Then we need to blame the person really responsible—Obama, not the Republicans.

CORRECTING” A FOLLOWER: Liberals are incensed that Donald Trump didn't “correct” a man in his audience who said Obama IS a Muslim. Since when is it a candidate's responsibility to “correct” supposedly erroneous statements by supporters? Besides: Obama has shown, by his actions and words, that he IS either a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer. And I mean Muslim TERRORISTS, not just Muslims. Why on Earth should Trump follow the “liberal line?”

FED HELPING OBAMA: The Fed is falsely keeping interest rates low to allow Obama to lie, and say the economy is “growing.” They'll keep interest rates low until Obama or any other Democrat leaves office, then let “nature take it's course,” while blaming the Republicans for it, falsely, of course. It's all part of his con game on the American people. That's what the “Obama Show” has been from the day he “crawled out from under his rock” to “elbow Hillary aside” and take over the presidency, with the help of the “intelligentsia.” Those who run things behind the scenes.

BLINDLY FOLLOWING THE LINE: Hillary has never seen the Planned Parenthood videos showing their criminal acts, but she's standing up for them, anyway, like a good little Democrat. One more reason to never elect this submissive housewife who let her "cocksman" husband screw her over to ANY office, much less the “big one.” She was recently challenged to actually WATCH the videos and predictably made a snarky answer, without really answering.

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