Friday, September 11, 2015

A Lesson In Irony

The government is proud of having 46 million people on Food Stamps, therefore feeding them. At the same time the National Park Service (a federal agency) sent out letters telling people not to feed the animals because it would make them dependent on people, and not able to fend for themselves. Go figure. The right hand truly knows not what the left hand is doing.

STARBUCKS DOESN'T WANT OUR BUSINESS: The business of conservatives, that is. Their CEO said so. Okay. We'll be happy to oblige. Let them find out how much of their business came from conservatives. I say, “came” because without our business they're going to have a tough time staying in business. But that's nothing new for liberals. Just like that guy who destroyed his own business by paying ALL his employees $75 grand a year, whether or not they had any talent. Liberals have no idea how to run a business, and many of them prove it. They survive by doing what conservatives teach them. Then they do liberal things and ruin it.

CHANGING FOR ONE GUY: That's what this Missouri's lame school “authorities did for a kid who was born male but “identifies” as female. They ruled that he must be allowed to use the women's bathrooms and locker rooms, which infringed on the rights of hundreds of other students. Those students walked out and refused to use the same facilities as this BOY. Persons with a PENIS as part of their sex and elimination organs should NEVER be allowed to use the same facilities as girls use. All this kid wants is to see girls going to the bathroom, or he'd accept the “special bathroom” for a special case that was offered. This kind of thing is liberalism out of control.

MUSLIM SUSPENDED BY AIRLINE: A Muslim stewardess was suspended by “ExpressJet” for refusing to serve alcohol. She has been working for this airline for 3 years, but converted to Islam two years ago. She should have resigned then, since she knew a large part of her job would be serving alcohol, rather than making trouble by keeping her job and refusing to do it. But then, Muslims are TOLD to “make trouble” whenever they can for “unbelievers. They're also told to KILL “unbelievers.” Maybe she didn't do that, but she should have been FIRED.

IS CHRISTIANITY FINISHED?” That's the question they're asking after Kim Davis was JAILED for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. But it'll take a lot more than that to kill Christianity, which has been under attack for hundreds of years, mostly (predictably) by Muslims. And they're still around. Sometimes it takes a while for Christians, who are told to “turn the other cheek” when struck, to “come back” on their attackers, but they will. The Crusades showed that. They'll get enough, then, “watch out, Muslims!” Never count Christians out.

GOVT. SHUTDOWN—SO WHAT? Obama keeps threatening to “shut down the government” over this and that. And he usually gets his way. But I ask, “So what?” Who cares if he shuts down the government. It will only affect a small number of people, and most of THEM government employees, while none of his “pipe dreams” gets put into action while the “shut down” lasts. So who cares (except him) if the government gets “shut down?

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