Thursday, September 17, 2015

"A Sign From God?"

Was it a sign from God that on the 14th anniversary of the World Trade Center atrocity, committed by Saudi Muslims on orders from Osama bin Laden, that a “bolt of lightning” out of the Heavens would cause a bin Laden company owned crane to fall on Islam's most holy shrine, killing at least 107 Muslims? Or that a double rainbow would appear over the site of “ground zero” on the same day? Some will accuse me of being a “religious fanatic” for saying this, even though I'm not overly religious. But people believe what they want to believe. It makes them easier to dupe.

SORRY, FOLKS: It happened again. We lost power again at 6:47 AM Wednesday and I had only the overhead lights under power all day yesterday and most of today until they figured out how to fix it. Unfortunately my battery backup didn't work. I did manage to “jury-rig” a power source for my computer a little while ago and that's what I'm using now.

CAN'T BELIEVE THE STUPIDITY: Miss Tennessee says we shouldn't cut funding for Planned Parenthood. That makes her a party to the murder of thousands of unborn BABIES. How she can put her “concern for women's health issues” before the LIVES of those babies, I don't know. That puts her in the same camp with others who are more interested in “women's health issues” before human life. And that isn't even an issue! PP is not the ONLY outfit that is involved with “women's health issues,” as PP “officials” insist. Even if it was, human life and the murder of thousands of infants (mostly black) is infinitely more important. I can't believe these fools don't SEE that!

A ”SOCIALIST WING”? Some people are just plain stupid! Jeff Greenfield says, “It might be healthy for Democrats to form a 'socialist wing' in their party.” How he can be so stupid as not to see that the whole Democrat Party is TOTALLY socialist, I don't know! Then there's the Labour Party ion England, which nominated an ultra-liberal to lead their party. A man who is known to lament “the tragedy” of the death of bin Laden, the “butcher of 9/11.” Apparently the “Brits” have no intelligence, at all. At least not the members of the “Labour Party.” The NYT didn't mention that in their announcement of his election. Probably, they don't care.

RAMPANT ELECTION VIOLATIONS: In Nevada, by Hillary paid staffers, who openly carry Hillary signs at voting places, and tell voters, “You should vote for a Democrat, but I can't tell you that,” they say, doing that very thing. They do it openly, confident that “the fix is in” and they won't be prosecuted for what are obviously CRIMES. They obviously are taking their tips from Hillary, who commits crimes every day with impunity while “the powers the be” look the other way. That's how it has forever been for Democrats, who constantly (without proof) accuse Republicans of what they, themselves, are doing.

PUNISHING THE WINNERS: Bernie Sanders has promised to “go after the billionaires.” Why? Because they're billionaires. Nothing else. Like most socialists, he's JEALOUS. They've got more money than he has. Never mind they EARNED it. He wants some of it, without the bother of WORKING for it (like all socialists). I will give him credit for hating billionaires while not BEING one, himself, unlike other socialists and politicians who decry having a lot of money while having a lot of money, themselves. He's only worth about $300,000.00.

ELEN'S IGNORANCE, AGAIN: Now she's telling Hillary that she's “the smartest, most qualified candidate in the race.” What's this bimbo SMOKING? Doesn't she know we're not going to elect a known criminal to the presidency? There has already been more revelations of her criminal actions than ever before in presidential election history and it's only a matter of time before she is fitted for an orange jumpsuit. We're already in big trouble because we (not me) elected an UNKNOWN CRIMINAL to the presidency. Obama has almost completely looted us and Hillary is ready to finish the job. Is Ellen Degeneris too stupid to see that? I'm glad she isn't a politician, although many politicians are just as stupid.

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