Monday, August 31, 2015

Hillary's Orange Jump Suit

It looks a lot like the orange jumpsuit prisoners wear in the clink. Maybe she's getting a “head start” on what she'll be wearing soon? I figure it won't be long before she is wearing orange on a regular basis, unless Obama comes to her rescue with a pardon “for all crimes past and future,” like Ford did for Nixon, which is all that kept HIM out of prison after he resigned from the presidency. I may be dreaming, but it's nice to contemplate Hillary wearing a prison orange jumpsuit.

DON'T INSTILL CHRISTIANITY”: Atheists are telling football coaches “not to instill Christianity in the minds of vulnerable young men.” Who the hell do they think they are to be giving orders to football coaches? What makes them think their atheist religion is better than Christianity? What the hell makes them think they can “give orders” to Christians not to spread their religion? Atheists are certainly trying hard to spread their manure. Coaches, just tell them to “screw off.”

SATANISTS SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Not surprising. Satanists will support an organization that kills babies because one is both just as evil as the other. The fact that Satanists support Planned Parenthood tells me something about PP. Planned Parenthood people CAN'T be Christians (for real) although they might CLAIM to be. They're stupid that way. Satanists and atheists ought to put their religions together. They're both evil and arrogant. Not to mention stupid.

VACATION CRITICISM: Obama is on ….what? His 50th “vacation” this year at the expense of the taxpayers? Not to mention all the OTHER “vacations” his wife has taken, where she reserves entire FLOORS of $1,000.00 a night per room hotels, and flies in a different plane from Obama. I guess she doesn't like his company if she is not forced to suffer it. Oh, well. I guess she can just text somebody while the Pledge of Allegiance is being recited, as usual. Anyway, while he is ON vacation, he is criticizing Congress for taking a vacation. Doesn't he know what that looks like? Or does he even CARE?

WITH NINE MAGAZINES? Somebody said the guy in the train station in France wasn't there to “Shoot up the place.” He was “just” going to ROB the train. What a load of manure! You don't go in with an automatic weapon and NINE loaded magazines, a handgun, and a knife for a simple robbery. This guy was “loaded for bear.” Only the speed and surprise of the guys who “took him down,” plus his lack of martial skill avoided a bloodbath. The guy is a KNOWN Muslim extremist that the “authorities” knew about and were “tracking,”, but had yet to even approach. Watch Obama say it was “NOT a terrorist act.”

PROUD MURDERER: The CEO of “StemExpress” brags that Planned Parenthood provides lots of “intact fetuses.” Translation, the killer provides lots of complete dead babies. They try very hard to make it look like just a business, like any other. But it is a “murder factory,” and our own holocaust. Instead of killing Jews, adults and children, as Hitler did (Margaret Sanger, their founder and a proud racist in a world where racism was accepted, proudly proclaimed her organization could “help cleanse this nation:” by killing lots of black babies), we just kill black babies (and some white babies, too) What kind of crud does it take to ACCEPT such a thing, I don't know. I just know I wouldn't want to associate with such evil. Obama and Hillary both approve. Throw both on the trash heap where they belong.

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