Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Won't Seek Re-Election"

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, will not seek re-election, she has announced. That's a wise step, because who would vote for her after the disaster and death she caused by her reaction to the accidental death of a criminal, who accidentally killed himself while trying to incriminate the cops. Now if we can just get rid of that bi....er, uh, witch who rushed in before ANY facts were known and filed phony charges against six good men to advance her own career. That it has done the exact opposite is obvious to everybody but her.

REPUBLICANS NOT RACISTS! Democrats keep harping on the lie that the Republican Party is a “party of racists” to cover up their OWN racist history that went from a long time ago to YESTERDAY. Jim Crow was a Democrat. The KKK was an outgrowth of the Democrat Party. At least one well-known Democrat racist (Sen. Robert Byrd, who has since died, thank goodness) was in Congress. The people Martin Luther King was demonstrating against were Democrats. The Equal rights amendment was STARTED by the Republicans and OPPOSED by the Democrats. Democrats even FILIBUSTERED in an effort to defeat it. For them to say the GOP is a “party of racists” is LUDICROUS, and one of the biggest LIES they have ever uttered. And that's a LONG LIST.

THEY LOVE TO OVERDO IT: Hillary has come out with a statement comparing people who are against Planned Parenthood MURDERING babies and selling their body parts to the highest bidders, to TERRORISTS. Boy, they sure like that comparison, don't they? Democrats all over the map are comparing their opponents to terrorists, and making themselves look as silly as is Hillary. It's really too bad they have nothing better than that to say about their opponents.

EXERCISE IN FUTILITY”: I wonder what it is that causes supposedly good people to defend MURDERERS? Mitch McConnell (Republican) says, “trying to shut down Planned Parenthood [for their crimes against humanity] is an “exercise in futility.” Why is that? Because “the fix is in,” and he knows it? Or is part of it? Since when is taking action against mass murderers “an exercise in futility?” If anybody else was murdering infants the cops would be all over them with guns drawn. Not to de-fund them, but to put them so far back in the prison system we wouldn't even be able to find them. But, NO! The liberals LIKE them. So they leave them alone to kill more and more black babies.

IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!” That's basically Netanyahu's answer to Iran's top terrorist Imam saying, “Israel will not exist in 25 years.” More power to him. Remember, Israel already HAS the nuclear bomb and the capability to launch it. Iran does not. They're a lot of hot air and nothing much else. They're working HARD to GET nuclear power, but I suspect Israel will make a parking lot of their country before they can do it. And they would be right to do so, Iran's agreement with Obama (which he will not let us read) notwithstanding. Obama says he will “defend Iran against Israel,” but I suspect his citizens will not let him. They will finally “take him out.”

NAIL ON THE HEAD: This is the reason people like Trump. He says what they want to hear. And somehow they know he'll DO what he says he'll do. He reminds them of politicians whose rhetoric sounds so good, but who, when they get to Washington, become “incompetent.” Like the Republicans did after the 2014 elections. They SAID they were going to STOP Obama, but they ended up FUNDING his “flights of fancy, saying “as long as he is in the presidency, we can do nothing.” But that's a LIE, if they have BOTH HOUSES of government, HE can do nothing.

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