Monday, September 21, 2015

So the Hell What?

Liberals are making a big thing out of the fact that Wal-Mart is still selling “gun oil” after they stopped selling guns with big “fan-fare.” So what? People who still have guns still need to keep them clean and well-oiled, which is something then anti-gun freaks don't want. They don't want Wal-Mart selling ANYTHING having to do with guns. Nothing would suit those fools more than to have a world in which ONLY criminals have guns because they don't OBEY laws. The very DEFINITION of a criminal is somebody who doesn't obey laws.

SHOWING THEIR STUPIDITY: I've always said, you let stupid people talk, and they'll always reveal their stupidity. Michel Smerconish (what a NAME!), weekend CNN host did just that when he compared Kim Davis, that Kentucky County Clerk who went to jail rather than violate her religious beliefs with the TERRORISTS who behead people because they don't follow the “right religion.” Davis might be just a little “overboard” with her religious beliefs, but at least she doesn't BEHEAD people who disagree with her faith.

WHAT THE HELL'S IT TO 'EM? Muslims have complained about the “Un-Islamic “Octoberfest” in Germany. What? Who cares what they think? What happens in Germany doesn't have to be “Islamic-like.” NOTHING outside of their cursed countries has to be. It's not their business what people other than Muslims do. Screw off, Muslims! Muslims have a bad habit of trying to take in too much territory. They think they already run the world, while they never will. We'll kill them all (like they're trying to do to us) before we allow it. Damn, what STUPID people!

NOT RACISM, COMMON SENSE: Dr. Ben Carson (Republican presidential candidate) is “in trouble” with liberals (Democrats) for saying a Muslim should never be elected president. Muslims are, predictably, calling that “racism.” But it's not. It's COMMON SENSE. We don't want a president with the same “values” as Muslims, for whom, CHILD RAPE is “part of their culture” and who want to kill all who do not believe the way they approve. Ben is the only one who has the guts to SAY so.

I'M NOT CONSERVATIVE: Although conservative is very close to what I am. I AM a “rational individualist.” I make my own decisions about ALL things. There are things in conservatism I just don't agree with. Principally about religion. There are things about libertarianism I don't agree with, too. So I can't be a Libertarian. And I DEFINITELY can't be a Democrat, because there is NOTHING I agree with in the sociali.... er, uh, Democrat Party. It pains me to be CALLED a conservative. I have no strong religious beliefs, so I can never be truly called a conservative. Trump got in trouble with liberals for not DEFENDING Obama when he was accused of being a Muslim. Since when is it a Republican's responsibility to defend a Democrat?

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? New York City has some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. In fact they were one of the FIRST cities to enact a tough “gun law,” the “Sullivan Law.” So how could TWO PEOPLE be killed and even more injured by gunfire in one day in that city:? The “anti-gun freaks” say if guns are eliminated from the world (an impossibility) there would BE no “gun crime.” They're obviously wrong, but they'll never admit it. They keep making their USELESS “gun laws”

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