Friday, September 4, 2015

"Athists, Pound Sand!"

ATHEISTS: “POUND SAND!” Students at a Kentucky high school were told they could not pray before sporting events. So they told the atheists who got the order put out to “pound sand” and prayed anyway. The atheists were incensed that their “orders” were ignored. I guess they think their “religion” should be recognized before anybody else's. But they're wrong. And it's time the courts recognized that fact. What are they going to do? Penalize ALL the students who prayed before the game? That'll go over like a “lead balloon.” It's time atheists realized that they can't stop other people from practicing their religion in this country.

MORE MAINSTREAM NETWORK”: Megan Kelly, who became a “big star” on Fox News Network, which is the fastest growing network on Cable television and outpulls CNN by a large margin (their numbers are going DOWN), now says she wants to “move to a more mainstream network,” meaning CNN. Apparently she hasn't noticed that CNN is losing viewers like a like a dam with a large hole in it. She thinks it's “more mainstream” because apparently that's the way she thinks. Like a true liberal. She hid it well at Fox. Both her and Alisyn Camerota (who moved to CNN earlier) are destined to end up on the “trash heap” right along with CNN.

TALK ABOUT HYPOCRITICAL! The father of that murdered television reporter, whose murder was shown on live television is pushing more “gun control.” Meanwhile, he's getting his own gun. If he realizes he should have his own gun to protect himself from criminals, why does he think others should not have a similar right? I shudder at thee STUPIDITY of some people! I'm sorry for his loss, but he's not thinking straright. I lost a daughter, too. But she managed to kill herself with drugs and booze. Through her own ignorance, not somebody else's.

HILLARY'S DESPERATE: She's so desperate with all the scandals she's involved in surfacing, now she's comparing Republicans to terrorists. At the same time, like most Democrats, she's following Obama's orders and NOT calling them “ISLAMIC” terrorists. What she thinks she can gain by “pulling out all the stops” this way, I don't know. I do know if she actually DOES make it to the White House, it will be a testament to the STUPIDITY of the American voter.

WHAT'S IT TO 'EM? Denver International Airport (DIA) wants to BAN a “Chic-fil-A” restaurant from opening in their airport. What for? Because they're vocal Christians and, as such, are “against gay marriage.” So what? What business is that of the DIA if someone is highly religious? Their money is just as spendable as is anyone else's. And they don't spend their time preaching to people. They simply provide good food at reasonable prices. DIA is owned by the City of Denver. And politicians have NO BUSINESS discriminating agaionst businesses because of their religious or political views. Somebody needs to straighten them out.

NEW AIRPORT MOSQUE: Orlando International Airport is spending (I assume they are paying for it, Muslims don't pay for anything. They just demand it.) $250,000.00 to build a separate mosque at their airport, despite already having an interfaith prayer room. But apparently that's not good enough for Muslims. I guess they don't like people watching them with their butts in the air during their prayers. My question: would this airport build a special SEPARATE prayer room for Christians? Not a chance. Christians don't KILL people who don't believe the exact way they think they should.

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