Thursday, October 1, 2015

Continuing Infanticide

I can't believe it! 46 Democrats and 31 Republicans voted to continue funding that “mass murder” outfit, Planned Parenthood. Apparently, all efforts to get the truth through their thick skulls has failed. How they can all be so STUPID is beyond me. Obviously, the “fix is in,” and will continue to be. America's “holocaust” will continue, with the APPROVAL of Congress and the president. I never thought I'd see the day when the CONGRESS and the president would OPENLY condone, and FUND mass infant MURDER! But with Obama in charge, I'm hot surprised.

RACISM RUN AMOK: A school student threatened a TEACHER in an Albuquerque school, saying, “When I get through ramming you, I'll bag your daughter” and, guess what? The TEACHER got punished! They accused her of “inciting” it. Can you believe that? I can! The teacher was WHITE and the kid was a BLACK gang member! The teacher is now suing for racial discrimination. They certainly CAN, and Obama and his accomplices are promoting black on white racism as hard as they can. We're heading for destruction, folks, and Obama's got the “gas pedal” to the floor.

HAVEN'T SEEN THEM: Nancy Peelosi says, “I haven't seen the Planned Parenthood videos, but I KNOW they're false.” Really? How do you KNOW they're phony? Huh? Because Planned Parenthood told you so? I can't believe the STUPIDITY displayed by this, witch! I'm so glad she is no longer the “top dawg” in the House, due to her incompetence, but I wish they'd get rid of her so I don't have to listen to her braying, any more. I really, really don't suffer FOOLS gladly!

THEY DIDN'T GET THEIR WAY: Kim Davis had her name taken off the “marriage licenses” her office had to issue to gay couples (under court order) so she could stay out of jail. But that's not what gay activists wanted. They got their licenses, but they wanted complete abject SURRENDER on her part, and they didn't get it. So now they're going to court again to FORCE her to personally sign them. She'll RESIGN first, and they'll consider that a victory.

THEY'RE CRACKING UP! Donald Trump is suggesting tax CUTS as a way of increasing the “tax take,” and that's giving liberals (Democrats) big “belly laughs” because they don't see it. When Reagan dropped the top tax rate to 28% from 90%, the “tax take” nearly DOUBLED! But facts are lost on liberals. Their minds are made up, and you can't confuse them with facts. What'll it take to wake these fools up? Nothing. There is nothing we can ever do to wake these fools up. Their opinions are “set in stone,” even though they DEFY logic.

WHY'D BOEHNER QUIT? He had to. He was about to be dumped by his own party because they blamed him for Obama getting all his programs through Congress and for BETRAYING the American people. He didn't want the stigma of having been “dumped” by his own party, so he quit. And while he's still there, he promises to “ram through” several other Obama “pipe dreams” before he goes. He just can't get it through his thick skull that that is why he had to resign.

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