Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Shouldn't Use Plainclothes Cops"

Some of the fools in Ferguson say the cops who got shot at by a “demonstrator” were at fault, themselves. “They shouldn't have used plain-clothes cops who aren't as easy to identify as cops.” I guess what that means is that cops should always be in uniform while the crooks aren't, and can easily identify them and shoot them, using that shiny “bull's eye” on their chests as a target. What a damned fool idea THAT is! But then, we know the people demonstrating in Ferguson, MO aren't too bright.

POOR BERNIE: Apparently, Bernie Sanders can't afford much in the way of security. That has become obvious when a bunch of black protesters pushing that “Black Lives Matter” scam (it's a scam because they screamed when somebody had the nerve to say, “White lives matter, too!” came on stage and “took over” his campaign stop, and he couldn't do anything, so he just left it to them.Where the hell was his security? Does anybody think that would happen to Trump, or any of the other Republican candidates? I guess those “Black Lives Matter” fools agree, because they don't even try. Trump would BURY them—DEEP!

ONLY IN CALIFORNIA: California is the first state to agree to fund the sex change operation for a convicted murderer. I guess they figure convicted murderers should have more rights than people who did not kill anybody. If I wanted a sex change operation, they'd laugh at me if I even asked. What's so special about a convicted murderer that we should pay for a sex change operation? Nothing at all. Unless you're an incompetent politician who has no sense, at all. And California is FULL of them.

DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD: That's what everybody is saying. But I think that's only the beginning. They should not only defund them, they should put that bunch of murderers in PRISON for the rest of their lives! That's what they'd do to other serial killers, so why not do it to them? They're just as guilty of murder—maybe even MORE! Don't tell me that's different. It isn't. Killing people is MURDER, even if they're still in the womb.

BOTH ARE SOCIALIST: Bernie Sanders and Hillary are in agreement on at least one thing: make taxpayers pay for college tuition. They SAY it's going to be free, but SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and that's going to be you and me. The whole idea of taxing others to pay for somebody's tuition, or ANYTHING is COLLECTIVISM, which is the basic system that is called by many names, including socialism, communism, Fascism, Nazism. Progressivism, etc. Both are in agreement about “redistribution of wealth,” too, which is another collectivist pipe dream. Collectivism, in all its forms IS a “pipe dream.”

BIGGEST BIGOTS IN DC: The biggest bigots in DC are those who accuse everybody else of bigotry. They revealed themselves when they called Schumer a “hidden Jew” when he signaled his opposition to Obama's “signature legislation,” Obamacare, which is an uncalled for insult. He's an Obama friend in all other ways. Obama himself is a bigot for calling ANYBODY who opposed any of his policies racist. But then, that's to be expected from Obama. That's how he lessens criticism, because people don't want to be called racist. For my part, I don't care. They've used that scam so often since he was elected, they've worn it out. It means NOTHING, any more.

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