Monday, August 3, 2015

Hillary Stands By them

Hillary says she “proudly stands by Planned Parenthood.” I guess it makes no difference to the “murderer of Baghdad” that they are murdering infants in the womb, every day. She's a Democrat, after all. They can justify just about ANYTHING they think will get them elected. But I think she's wildly miscalculating the American people, thinking ALL of us think the same way DEMOCRATS do. I think this stance is the “death knell” for her candidacy. It will accomplish something all her CRIMES did not.

DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED: I don't know what happened to yesterday's blog post. I posted it, and it looked like it went through. But apparently it didn't. Don't think I missed yesterday. I didn't. Apparently there was glitch that prevented it from being posted. Sorry.

DEMOCRAT EQUALS SOCIALIST: People are asking, “What's the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?” The answer is simple: “There IS no difference. Democrats ARE socialists.” They might as well be honest, as are some of Great Britain's political parties, and change their name to the “Socialist Party.” All you have to do is listen to what they support, such as “redistributing wealth.” “increasing wages,” “creating new entitlements,” “creating a level playing field,” which ignores the fact that people don't have completely equal talents and abilities, and says that those WITHOUT get paid more, out of the pockets of those who DO.

CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was STYMIED by Chris Wallace's question about “What's the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?” Squirming, she kept trying to divert the question back to the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, but Wallace, to his credit, wouldn't let her. He never did get an answer, which is the whole point: there IS no difference. They ARE socialists, “root and branch.” She can't deny it and she knows it.

OH, OH, SCREWED UP! The attorney for the City of Baltimore made a significant revelation: Freddy Gray was KNOWN to have attempted to injure himself so he could accuse cops of “police brutality” in a past arrest, which lends credibility to the idea that he was doing the same this time, and, because of his recent back surgery, accidentally killed HIMSELF, absolving those six unfortunate cops, who are the victims of vindictive (if incompetent) politicians. If they don't drop all charges against those cops and return them to duty with NO mark on their records, they ought to be removed, themselves, and forthwith. And those six cops should quit and go to a police agency that VALUED their services. The "other prisoner" who told us Gray WAS trying to injure himself, after "consultation" with his captors (or the state's attorney's office) recanted).

OBAMA HIDING IRAN DEAL DETAILS: And why is that? Why in hell would he hide the details of that "agreement” unless he KNEW the American people (and the Congress) would never go along with what he agreed to? Congress should REJECT that “agreement,” on that basis, alone. You don't ask Congress to approve such a thing while keeping the details secret from them. It's different if they just DON'T READ bills they pass into law. That's THEIR decision, and the onus is on THEM. But when a president keeps the details of his “deals” secret, while DEMANDING they approve it, it is a CRIMINAL act!

CARE MORE ABOUT A LION: I agree it was a nasty thing to con that “friendly lion” out of protected area and shoot it to death. And the perpetrator (not necessarily the shooter, who didn't know the lion was protected) should be punished. Probably the guy who organized the hunt in which the lion was killed. But America seems more outraged by the death of ONE lion than the deaths of millions of innocent babies—and THAT'S wrong! Some of them seem convinced that the Planned Parenthood scandal is “made up,” which is PATENTLY wrong. As usual, our priorities are all screwed up.

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